Country Heat Results

And the results are in!

2016-08-30 06.29.38.png

I am excited to share that I have completed all 30 days of Country Heat, I have LOVED every second, enjoyed the change up in activity and was more than happy to say goodbye to those 4 pounds, which are not welcome back – EVER!

It’s never easy sharing the “before” pictures but I have learned to focus on the fact that there is most likely at least one person who can relate and my hope is that in turn they are inspired to make a change.

2016-08-30 16.35.48

Picture on the left: taken August 1st.

We had just returned home from Nashville and while I was bursting at the seams in the excitement and pride from all our Coach Summit celebrations I found myself uncomfortable in my clothes for the first time since I had become a coach…nearly 2.5 years ago.

The scale was kind enough to let me know that my weight was at an all time high.

131 pounds.
Now I’m sure there are some of you thinking “Gosh I’d kill to be that weight”
But that’s not the point…

This is what I had weighed at 24 weeks PREGNANT with my son.

At 5’1″ a few pounds can really make a difference and while I try my hardest to ignore the number…that number was supported by the way I felt when my shorts didn’t button.

I knew I needed to embrace the change and change I did!

I swapped out my weights for dancing shoes and enjoyed 30 days of Country Heat-despite the fact that I looked like a goof 😜

I was inspired by the individuals who had shared their journeys with this program and I knew I could get there.

Was I perfect?!

2016-08-27 08.06.59

But I did enjoy my splurges in moderation and with the support of my team, challengers and amazing family I feel a bit like me again!!!

My goals are set and they’re pretty simple:

2016-08-29 06.14.48

It feels good to be back and I am excited to start the next phase with a new group of challengers in our health bet next week!

If you’ve been wanting to get back on track or simply BEGIN to enjoy a healthier & happier lifestyle don’t wait. Your time is here and I’m ready to help you!

Fill out the form below if you’d like more details on my next accountability group!

Trust me when I say: There is POWER in numbers 💗



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