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Health-IER Loaded Nachos

I LOVE finding ways to CLEAN UP old favorites in a way to enjoy – without feeling gross after the fact.

Loaded nachos.jpg

This was PERFECT.

We simply utilized some of the prior week’s leftovers to come up with one heck of a mouth watering Game Day snack!!

(serves 2)

What you need:

  • 2 Cups Unstuffed Pepper Soup 
  • 12-15 Tortilla chips
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • Jalopenos – lots and lots of jalopenos
  • Extra Napkins!!!

What to do:

Layer up the goodness (warm up the soup if you’re using leftovers like me!!) go to town, prepare to get messy and ENJOY!

NOTE: I prepared this using leftover unstuffed pepper soup. You could always make fresh! I wanted to include as many veggies as possible while still enjoying this delicious family favorite! It was a total win in our book and a great way to watch the kickoff on a beautiful Fall Sunday afternoon! 

For my Portion Fix fans: I counted as one YELLOW, one RED, one BLUE and 1/2 a GREEN. I popped a few pieces of broccoli to round out a full green serving! 

Loaded nachos with website.PNG

If you would like more recipes, tips, motivation, support and accountability to reach your health and fitness goals, please fill out my application below for a spot in my next 28 day fitness challenge!

There is no diet that will give you the results a healthy lifestyle will!

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