2016 Leadership in Coronado, CA


Have you ever set your sights so closely to a goal and miss it?

Then set the same goal the next year…and miss it – AGAIN?

That was me.


In 2014 and again in 2015 but I didn’t let the disappointments hold me back.



I was bound and determined to make 2016 – MY YEAR.

And every sacrifice was well worth it to spend 4 days at a beautiful resort in sunny So Cal with my husband, my coach, some of the most uplifting women I know along with some of the most AMAZING leaders in this Beachbody Business receiving EXCLUSIVE training opportunties and insights into where this incredible company is headed!!!

So…what is LEADERSHIP? 

Leadership is an exclusive retreat and training opportunity set aside for only the best of the best. There are specific qualifications which left nearly 300 coaches qualifying this year – out of a network of over 400,000. To say I felt “special” is an understatement!

We were spoiled with amazing gifts, Live workouts, sneak peeks into the new programs, elite training, fancy dinners, a photoshoot, and several opportunities to mix and mingle with the celebrity trainers.


But it was more than just the frills and time away with my husband and great friends. There’s a point to it all!!!


A thank you for the hard work!

It was an opportunity to truly LEARN and GROW from the best with the best!


This was not just average run of the show training – but to sit back and listen from the best of the best, share in the heart and mission from the Corporate leaders and share, learn, absorb and take it back to my team to LEARN and apply as well!

And with each training – each meeting – each talk – each presentation.

We were all taken back to where it started:

The Beachbody Mission: Help people achieve THEIR goal of living a healthy and fulfilling life


When you break it down to something that simple – you find yourself filled with PRIDE to be connected to such an incredible company with an incredible vision, mission, purpose and BELIEF.


I’ve been blessed with many different travel opportunties with Beachbody and this year has been jam packed but this one was special.

It was unique and I felt so empowered to come HOME and TAKE ACTION!


Next year’s Leadership training will be in Las Vegas.


Will you be joining us?

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