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2017 Success Club trip to Punta Cana

“Good food, good times good people. Life is too short for anything else.”

Photo Apr 24, 10 24 54 AM I left the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana yesterday with a relaxed mind and grateful heart.

Photo Apr 24, 9 35 00 AM

This was the THIRD Success Club trip my husband and I have earned since becoming a coach 3 years ago but each one provides a gentle reminder of how grateful I am that just 3 short years ago I followed my gut feeling – became a coach – instilled BELIEF in myself and JUST JUMPED! And we have truly NEVER looked back!

Big picture – we EARNED this trip because of the success my coaching business achieved in 2016 for HELPING other PEOPLE reach THEIR health and fitness GOALS.
What started as a way to get a discount on my Shakeology grew to sharing this opportunity with my close friends and family and has transpired into helping HUNDREDS of women & families all around the US and Canada and I’m no where near finished.

Photo Apr 23, 8 52 34 AMI’ve been going on 3 trips annually through coaching – one in each the Spring, Summer and Fall.

The fall one which is earned and geared towards leadership.

The summer one is our Coach Summit & open to all coaches

And this one in the Spring is earned and limited to a select number of coaches.

While each have their own purpose and involve a combo of work and play this one is really geared towards celebrating your own successes and mingling with other coaches. And that is just what we did!

Our 5 days included a mix of US time and TEAM time and NETWORKING time. All with their own defined purpose and enjoyed to no end!

Punta Cana cover photo

The one thing I never realized I was getting when I joined this business was the FAMILY you become a part of.

I love our team culture and the women I have grown to know, love and vacation with!

Photo Apr 24, 6 49 03 PMWe enjoyed lots of time by the pool, listening to the waves crash, cruising the open waters on a Catamaran and mingling with our friends at the welcome and closing ceremonies.
But let’s be real – you can’t have a Team Beachbody trip without some killer workout sessions!Photo Apr 25, 9 06 17 AM.jpg

Both Autumn Calabrese & our brand new super trainer, Chris Downing joined us here on this trip and led group workouts each morning.

Punta Cana Success Club trip Chris Downing

Success Club trip Punta Cana with Autumn.png

Autumn did a variety of workouts from her programs, 21-day Fix & Hammer & Chisel and Chris gave us some sneak peeks into the new program coming soon – SHIFT SHOP.

I love all live workouts but the fact that I get to participate in the EXCLUSIVE test group starting May 8th and get to complete it before it available to public drew my focus and excitement through the roof.

His style is so incredibly MOTIVATING and well, the workouts make you WORK! They’re different and all moves include a modifier so they really appeal to a large audience!!!

I can already tell that this program is going to take the fitness world by STORM this summer and I cannot wait to share my results as I progress through!

Success Club trip Punta Cana workout.png

Here’s another live look into one of other workouts we did during the trip!

And just like at home, we were able to wrap up the workout sessions with our superfood shakeo – stationed all over the lobby after each workout!

Photo Apr 24, 7 59 37 AMThis trips are always a great reminder to follow your heart and live your life doing something you LOVE. I love what I do and who I do it for and I truly cannot imagine what my life would look like today – If I hadn’t decided to take this road less traveled, join an MLM business and become my own CEO.

Success Club trip Punta Cana Elite nightMaybe you’re reading this thinking “okay, you love your job good for you” and you’re going to move on and read something else about someone else and it won’t cause a second thought.

But maybe – just MAYBE you’re reading this and thinking WOW – this could be ME. I know it could be ME and I want it to be ME!

And if you fall into the later – then we should chat!

We’re expanding INTERNATIONALLY  soon  – and I know we have only begun to leave our footprint on this world.

I have a vision and I’m looking for others to join me on this crazy ride.

Its not for EVERYONE but it is for ANYONE who is willing to put the time in and work with passion, heart and hustle.

I’m hosting a LIVE business opportunity call on Sunday April 30th – you can JOIN HERE and learn more about what it is exactly that we do!!!
But if you’re reading this after the date above – its still not too late! Fill out the form below and I’ll share more information with you about my next Sneak Peek opportunity!

Just think: Where could you take your future if you were provided with an opportunity that was limitless?


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