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Love the Skin you’re in


You may not know me yet…but you will.

Love the skin you're in .jpg

I’m your coach.

I will help you determine your health and fitness goals and help you pick the path to get there.

I am going to support you-Whole heartedly.

When you commit with me…it’s a long term commitment.

Because my role is to be there for you-through the good AND bad AND ugly and most importantly hold you accountable so in 1 month or 3 months or 365 days or three years you come back and tell me: THANK YOU!

Then I know my role has been fulfilled.



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Needing support in nutrition?

Looking for a community of people – WHO GET YOU?

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Let’s chat!!!!

Enrollment is now open for my LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN accountability group.

We start the 16th.

This group will be small and focused – intentionally.

We’ll have a purpose.

Thinking…maybe, just maybe…you might be intersted????


  1. First you need to make me your official coach.  You can complete your enrollment here: Make Maegan my coach
  2. Fill out the application below so that we can determine the best program to suit your GOALS.
  3. Commit to the duration of the group.  This is about finding a solution to your needs. A program you’ll enjoy, a program that aligns with your goals, and a program that you can COMPLETE. We will start with a 4 week commitment…but you will always have the option to CONTINUE!!!
  4. Commit to the nutrition plan including, replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology. Nutrition DRIVES your results, comprising 80% to the 20% that exercise includes. You must fuel your body with the foods it needs to provide energy for your workout, energy to get through your day, and to help your body recover and continue to transform as you progress through the program. Nutrition matters.
  5. You must be willing to hold yourself accountable in our private online accountability group – AND – participate in the group daily to log and monitor your progress. Getting started is one thing – but its following it through to the end where the magic happens!

I am not here to sell you a program.

I am here to help you DECIDE – COMMIT – and SUCCEED in reaching your overall health and fitness GOALS through the combination of FITNESS – NUTRITION & SUPPORT.

Limited spots available!
*Serious inquiries only*
*Must not already be a coach or be working with a coach*

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