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Planning my 4th and final PIYO week

I firmly believe in starting and finishing a workout program but I will quickly admit I have a bit of a workout program ADD.

Your fitness is 100% mental motivation piyo

So to adjust for my own balance I’ve been doing 4 week programs. Its enough for me to find my groove, keep some variety and then move on when I get too “comfortable” with the workouts. This is where the On Demand All Access is CLUTCH!!!

I completed the Masters Chisel program January/February (although my mono/bronchitis/ear infection issues caused the 4 weeks to span almost 7…) and I am in week 4 of 4 with PIYO with Core de Force up next as I countdown to our upcoming vacay to Punta Cana in April!

Here’s the workout outline and meal plan for this week

PIYO meal plan week of 3_13_17.png

As you can see…I EAT with this plan…but its about the portions and frequency. I find having 5 smaller meals throughout the day keeps me consistently full and never STARVING nor over stuffed!

I do have some visitors this week which made having a PLAN ever more important.

PIYO workout with kids make it happen

And that’s exactly what this is – my GAME PLAN for the week. Can it change? Sure. And maybe we’ll swap the chicken and roast or my lunch one of the days but having a plan helps me get my groceries, waste less, and think less when dinner time rolls around!!!

I cook most food in bulk allowing for multiple meals and/or lunches.

Sunday I take some time to prep/chop/portion and do as much as I can.

For example – my peppers are chopped for my eggs, my berries are in one cup containers, the Turkey chili was prepped today, and the roast is already thawing in the crockpot along with a bag of carrots, potatoes and an onion so tomorrow I just pull from the fridge and plug in!

Maybe the cauliflower mash will be fried cauliflower. Turkey chili could easily be swapped for stuffed peppers…but again…its the PLAN that matters.

If you’re not used to meal planning or eating small frequent meals or eating “healthy” – it can be a challenge.

piyo motivation quote

But you’re not alone in this journey!

As a coach I provide support and accountability to my clients to not just get STARTED but make a plan and EXECUTE it as it becomes a habit. Change is never easy but as someone who has been on both sides of this equation I can tell you..CHANGE is WORTH it.

My hopes by sharing this with you is that it inspires YOU to invest in YOU.

To put yourself first (yes YOU – you busy mama putting all your time into everyone else!!!) – and to take action towards your own health & fitness goals!

If you do not currently have a coach and would like to work with me please complete the application below and I’ll be in touch about my next accountability group!



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