Red, White and YOU Bootcamp

Regardless of where you are NOW compared to where you wanted to be when you set your January new years goals…

Regardless of the failure that happened when you looked yourself in the mirror months ago and said THIS IS THE TIME, for my HEALTH and MY FAMILY and our FUTURE I need to….but you realized you fell short

Regardless of how many Monday’s you’ve started fresh, Monday evenings that resulted in failures and times over you committed to MAKING this time DIFFERENT.

I’m asking you to draw a line in the sand NOW as you commit to LIFESTYLE changes…

red white and you bootcamp.pngAnd declare this as YOUR TIME and accept my invitation for YOU to JOIN ME – to join US! 

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And before the vacays start, the summer ball, the travel teams, the late nights with neighbors, the habit of ordering pizza while you sit outside and chat with friends…MAKE A COMMITMENT to MAKE A CHANGE…

How do I know this can happen…


transformation backwards.jpg

But hey, I know the WHAT we need to do and now its time to put my practice into action and while I commit for myself…and I want you to JOIN ME!

But trust me, I’m not going to take over your LIFE!

  • Can you commit to 20 minutes of fitness?
  • Can you commit to 6 days a week?
  • Can you commit to never missing a scheduled workout even if you’re traveling, or up late with neighbors or on the road for work???

Monday June 3rd kicks off my RED, WHITE, and YOU SUMMER BOOTCAMP – available on a FIRST COME – FIRST SERVE option!

Who’s this group for?

#1 Requirement is that you MUST be ready to link arms and rock this WITH ME – but more specifically this group is for:

  • New mom just getting back into that workout routine looking to give herself a little me time, without having a ton of EXTRA time to commit! This is for you.
  • Already in the habit of regular exercise but stuck at a bit of a plateau? This is for you!
  • Need to lose 50+ pounds to be at healthy BMI? This is for you!
  • Former athlete looking to find a workout schedule that challenges you and brings you back to those training days and top shape? This is for you!
  • Busy professional or busy mama that loves group exercise classes but can’t seem to find the time to make it to the gym regularly?  This is for you!

2015-08-15 23.59.00

Want to know what else?!?!

Each participant will be eligible for winning $500 or more through the daily Challenge.

What do you have to lose?

Or maybe I should ask – what do you have to GAIN?!?!

That’s the mentality I had 5 years ago and I am still going strong TODAY on my personal journey and I have had the HONOR of bringing in HUNDREDS of other women to help them do the same and I look forward to helping YOU TOO!

Ready?! Let’s go! Here’s what you need to know:

What are the requirements?  

  1. I must be YOUR coach. If you are not currently working with a TeamBeachbody coach you can create a free account by clicking here.  Create Free Account
  2. Complete the Challenge group application below so I can help you select the best program fit for you and make sure this challenge will help you meet your goals.
  3. Commit to a workout program of you choice and Replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology. Why Shakeology??  It simple:  it’s amazing and it is going to make you FEEL better as far as daily energy, it will complete your daily nutrition, it is one meal you don’t have to think about, and its quick, convenient, and honestly while you may be thinking “the taste though” it truly is delicious! But here’s the kicker – if for some crazy reason you’re not convinced – you can actually return the bag – FOR A FULL REFUND! I leaned into that GUARANTEE when I started and if you’re sitting on a pile of doubts I encourage you to too!
  4. Commit to our CHALLENGE GROUP – to staying accountable not to JOINING but to FINISHING. TOGETHER. I don’t want you do just make a purchase – I want you to make a LIFESTYLE change and FEEL the impact of your positive daily actions!

I am well aware this group will be an INVESTMENT for you.

But I have learned over time when you put in nothing you get out nothing. BUT when you INVEST in yourself the RESULTS are beyond WORTH IT.
You’re worth it.


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