How to get out of a nutrition RUT

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Family visiting…

blinka family baseball game
End of summer trip with friends…

blinka family lake picture

New “back to school” routine…

Aubrie back to school picture 2017 first gradeAmongst the usual birthday parties, new sporting teams, etc…and the routine slips…then

  • “One dinner out won’t hurt”
  • “One splurge to celebrate with some fro-yo isn’t the end of the world” 
  • “I won’t meal plan this week, we’ll just wing it”
  • “A few margaritas just this once won’t make a difference”

The list continues…

And while my goal is to remain in BALANCE in my health and nutrition there comes a time when the scale tips just a little off center…

Needless to say the lack of a summer ROUTINE allowed my nutrition follow suit as the summer days came to a close and on Labor Day we hit the tipping point.

We enjoyed the good food with good friends and had a good time but I was feeling the impact of those not-so-normal food choices! The dip in my energy and trouble keeping my hand out of the cookie jar led me to back to ‘Old Faithful: 3 Day Refreshsuccess-is-never-final-yoga-motivational-quote.png

Because YES – while I do aim to eat 90% gluten free/dairy free & at least 80% CLEAN (if not more)…sometimes I fall into old habits too! #DidSomeoneSayCereal?

But I have learned this is part of the journey…the key to ongoing PROGRESS & SUCCESS is to keep moving forward and simply JUMP RIGHT BACK in where you left off!

I spent the first part of last week doing a 3-Day plant based cleanse which allowed me to break that sugar cycle, ditch the reliance on starchy carbs and get back to my grain free/dairy free meal plan that I’ve learned WORKS FOR ME!

Here’s an example of what my week looked like:

Meal plan with refresh week of 9.4.17_image.jpg

And with my trusty 3-Day Refresh, a few fellow challengers to help me stay accountable and a reminder that: I CAN DO HARD THINGS…I was able to drop 3 pounds of BLOAT and get my groove back!

3 Day Refresh Results September 2017

I don’t do these OFTEN but when my body needs to detox and cleanse I can feel it – I listen to it – and I never regret the sacrifices to FEEL good again!!! I have found quarterly tends to work best for me!!

You can see how I’m continuing my meal plan this upcoming weekMeal Plan week of 9_11 PIYO.jpg

Although we will be traveling this weekend I will pack my shakeology so I know I can stay on track with that and I will make smart choices. The plus side is we are visiting my family who tends to live out a health balance like us so HOPEFULLY we’ll all stay on track TOGETHER!!!

10 year transformation results.JPG

I’m looking for a few women who want to lose 5-10+ pounds and/or who want to end 2017 STRONGER than they started!!
You will be provided with a customizable meal plan, a fitness routine to follow, daily inspiration/motivation & a private tribe of women who are also working on becoming the best versions of themselves 💗
ENROLLMENT is open and you can claim your spot by filling out the application in the comments for all the details. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


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