How the Shift Shop Meal Plan works

I couldn’t be more EXCITED to officially kick off my Shift Shop LAUNCH PARTY tomorrow!!!

dont talk shift SHIFT SHOP

New programs are ALWAYS exciting – and bring new light into my home fitness world and what I can do for others but after participating in the OFFICIAL COACH TEST GROUP this spring and seeing first hand the POSSIBILITIES of this program I have learned we all have so much MORE potential that lies deep within us and when you MAKE THE SHIFT incredible things can happen.

And now – I get to instill that potential and BELIEF into others!

You dont' have to be great to start

The workouts are amazing and the motivation provided by Chris Downing, the trainer paving the way is unparalleled but honestly – the FUEL we put into our bodies is what DRIVES the results you can see!


How does it work???


WEEK 1 Get rid of the foods that are holding you back and start with a better balance of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats with carbs being at the forefront, mostly from fruits and veggies with a few starches (yams and potatoes) and legumes (beans and peas) thrown in.

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes.PNG

WEEK 2 As your body adapts and the workouts increase in length, it’s time to accelerate your results and cut back on the starchy carbs while increasing proteins, veggies, and healthy fats.


WEEK 3 Here is where everything comes together. You are working out at your peak while eating your cleanest. Starchy carbs are eliminated to make way for your best results—and although it’s a challenging week—you can help ward off your cravings with Shakeology, the superfood supplement shake designed to support your nutrition goals without sacrificing results.

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I am starting fresh with my challengers along with my husband and here is our game plan for week 1:


Shift Shop Meal Plan week of July 24 Maegan with logo and website.jpg


Shift Shop Meal Plan Kyle week of July 24 with logo and email.jpg

I know the possibilities and I know each and every one of the ladies who have committed with me on this journey have the potential to achieve all the goals they set forth to achieve and its my role to help them get there.

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If this looks like a program you may be interested in and you would like to be a part of my next 21 Day Online Health & Fitness Challenge – then fill out the application below.


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Resolutions into RESULTS: Early Enrollment

I’m not sure if its…

…the super great deal at the local gym?

….Or maybe the 7-10 pounds “typical” Americans tack on during the holidays?

….Or perhaps the classic “this is my year” attitude?

I’m sure there’s a million and one things that play into the reasons but the results have proven in a recent study that the TOP 3 new years resolutions in America have something to do with:

  3. Improve DIET
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Yet, statistics show, LESS than 10% of those people are actually successful in achieving their resolutions!


They don’t have the tools!

They’re afraid of change – they fear failure – they don’t know HOW to get started AND continue!

But that’s where I can help!

Resolutions into results.jpg

Here’s the deal…if you make a few temporary changes the results will simply be that – temporary. You won’t truly achieve what you’re setting out to do unless you make a CHANGE!

A change in the way you think – act- believe and yes – a change in your LIFESTYLE!

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Now I get it – its much easier said than done!

Making a lifestyle change – a HEALTHY lifestyle change isn’t always easy.

Some people will doubt you, some may not support you, some may even  say negative things and you may fear your ability to stick to it long term or when not at home. You’re afraid you don’t have the time or the money – But these are all just excuses – if you have a plan – you can overcome every single one of them – and then some!


Committing to a healthy eating and a consistent exercise routine may be HARD. But so is living in a body that you’re unhappy with.


Then take action. 

For me, the secret sauce was truly found when I joined an online challenge group.

An online accountability group filled with other women who had similar struggles as I did – similar fears – and similar goals – TO LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE!

I don’t have all the answers but I have experience, drive, passion and a desire to help others SUCCEED in achieving their personal health & fitness goals!!!

So I ask you all to take this as a personal INVITATION to make this your year.

To not just COMMIT but truly make a CHANGE!

I’m kicking off my RESOLUTIONS INTO RESULTS challenge group January 2nd and I am looking for 10 people to join me!

BONUS: in the season of GIVING I am offering one of my favorite, and total mindset game-changing books THE MIRACLE MORNING to all participants who commit WITH A CHALLENGE PACK by 12/24.

early enrollment no gift results into resolutions.jpg

And if that wasn’t enough – Beachbody is launching their their 2nd Health Bet Challenge where they have put in $2 million to a pot reserved just for people who commit to a fitness program and log at least 3 workouts a week & replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology and log 5 Shakeology’s into our tracker app for 4 weeks. If you complete the necessary steps you are entered to win the cash prize at the end!
Yes – you can in fact get a reward for doing what you already want to do and COMMIT to improving  your overall health & fitness.

So to bring it all together:


  1. First you need to make me your official coach.  You can complete your enrollment here:

Make Maegan my coach

  1. Fill out the application below so that we can determine the best program to suit your GOALS.
  2. Commit to the duration of the group.  This is about finding a solution to your needs. A program you’ll enjoy, a program that aligns with your goals, and a program that you can COMPLETE.
  3. Commit to the nutrition plan including, replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology. Nutrition DRIVES your results, comprising 80% to the 20% that exercise includes. You must fuel your body with the foods it needs to provide energy for your workout, energy to get through your day, and to help your body recover and continue to transform as you progress through the program. Nutrition matters.
  4. You must be willing to hold yourself accountable in our private online accountability group – AND – participate in the group daily to log and monitor your progress. Getting started is one thing – but its following it through to the end where the magic happens!

I am not here to sell you a program.

I am here to help you DECIDE – COMMIT – and SUCCEED in reaching your overall health and fitness GOALS through the combination of FITNESS – NUTRITION & SUPPORT.

***There are a limited # of spots available***

Reserve your spot TODAY!!!

There’s POWER in numbers

Its the start that stops most people

Anyone else ever feel like summer time is like a double edged sword???

same 24 hours a day.JPG

You want to “look your best” as you begin to shed the winter layers and pull out the shorts and tanks and dresses and swim suits and such — but at the same time the weddings and vacations and travels and picnics and birthday parties and graduations and cookouts make that a bit more difficult. 

Sometimes too “hard” that even STARTING something new during the summer just doesn’t seem WORTH it.

Some people will simply throw their hands up in the air and say forget it. 

Some people will take in excuse after excuse for reasons why they CAN’T make it work and vow to make it work “later.

2016-07-21 07.34.06

Then other people will look at the challenges and MAKE a plan and make it WORK because deep down inside they KNOW it matters, its worth it, and the time will come!

2016-07-22 07.25.26

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s to find balance in all the things you love and practice moderation-never-deprivation and to find COMFORT in myself and confidence to be the best mom I can be! 

I signed up for the 21-Day Fix Extreme TV test group to start on July 4th. I can’t say that I really WANTED to do it at the time – but I had a busy month ahead, full of a lot of fun in the sun, travels, family visiting, etc… and truth be told I was afraid if I didn’t sign up for it – I would totally let myself fall off track. I began the challenge on July 4th with the mindset to CONTROL THE CONTROLLABLE.

Throughout the 21-days of the challenge I enjoyed:

July 2016 21DFX results

My daughter’s 5th birthday, 2 other birthday parties, one week of family visiting, a baseball game, family reunion, my best friend’s wedding (out of town I may add!), and typical Summer “STUFF”.

Was I perfect?

Oh heck no!

Did I enjoy the cake and cookies?

Oh heck yes!

BUT >>> I never missed my workout OR my shakeology in those 21 days.

This challenge was about enjoying myself without losing myself.

And I am happy to say – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

21 DFX results July 2016

If I can lend any piece of advice to you – its to LIVE LIFE HAPPILY.

Treat your body the way it was designed to be treated.
Stay active, have fun, fuel up with clean, nutrient dense foods at least 80% of the time and more importantly don’t let a “diet” run your life.

Make it your LIFESTYLE and you’ll never feel trapped.

Here’s to enjoying the final month of SUMMER with confidence and cookies!!!

If you are looking to make a change and would like some help getting there let me be your LIGHT.

Summer Kickoff July 18th Event cover

I run accountability groups every month to help other people get started on their journeys and find the balance I once longed for and now achieved.

Fill out the application below if you’re interested in learning more about what I offer!

Maximizing technology to stay fit

Let’s face it – sticking to any goal you’ve set for yourself, can be a challenge, but ones involving health and fitness tend to be the hardest.

2014-06-28 06.55.23

There are temptations EVERYWHERE! School, work, birthday parties, kiddos snack bags, social gatherings, the gas station, grocery store etc… Luckily, there are some great tools available to help us keep closer tabs on how well we’re doing and make sure those goals become results!

I was recently talking to Andrea Powers of Oscar Health Insurance, a Health Insurance provider in the New York/New Jersey area who uses technology to make things simpler! She asked the question – “How has technology helped you manage your health” and it didn’t take long for me to come up my top 3 resources and subsequently 3 things that keep me going on a day to day basis!

1) Online Accountability Group

My 90 Day Challenge group results

My 90 Day Challenge group results

I began my personal fitness journey March 2013,  looking to shed a few post baby pounds and gain some energy so I could be more present in my kids lives!

2014-08-20 16.03.37

I started with the 21-day fix home workout program, incorporated Shakeology and Clean Eating AND joined a Challenge group. Quickly something just clicked. I started looking at all food items in relation to the colored container they fell into and really learned portion control and I found myself setting my alarm daily so I could get my workout in and share with everyone else in the group when I completed it and how great it felt. I started seeing results…quickly! What was this secret sauce? THE COMBINATION OF ALL 3. That combination of regular, daily exercise, balanced, clean eating, and the accountability and support of a challenge group – GOT ME SUCCESS!

I had tried exercising but could never stick to it. I had (thought) I was eating healthy (although it wasn’t as “clean” as I thought) but I never had a group of people right there to help me and support me as well as guide me and give me tips on how to make this whole thing work!!!! After all, you can only eat so many steamed veggies and grilled chicken!!!!

You see, I had purchased my challenge pack under my Coach, and she immediately added me into this closed group on Facebook. Although unsure at first I found what had previously been missing from my fitness routine – Support & Accountability! Sure my husband was incredible support, but there was something about this private group. We were all working towards our goals, some the same and some different, but we all had goals in mind and we knew what we had to do to get there and we were going to do it – TOGETHER!

These little online accountability groups – all ran through a closed Facebook group – were the missing piece to my success! And I didn’t stop with my first one either! After seeing how this all fit together, I began coaching others and helping them become happier and healthier too! I continue to run these challenge groups and continue to thrive off the success of my challengers!!! And the ripple effect keeps on going!!!

Another BIG key to my success comes from being PREPARED.

2) Meal planning

Insanity Max 30 week 2 Meal Plan

Example Meal Plan


Yes – as simple as it may be, the meal plan word document I create each week helps me more than I could have ever thought! I’ll admit I wasn’t too excited about making a meal plan when it was suggested to me in my first challenge group,  but after “winging” it more times than I’d like to admit I found out that I do a LOT better when I write it down.  Typing it all out in a word document in one week increments and seeing the full week at a glance really helped me in the balancing each week. I am all about healthy, clean eating but I’m also all about balance in more ways than one. I am a busy mom and for some reason that 5:00 hour seems to be that time when the kids NEED everything and I’m TRYING to cook. Enter – meal prep and planning!!! The upfront time on Sunday or Monday is more than worth it later in the week plus it saves me $$$ too as I know exactly what I need to buy and helps reduce those impulse purchases at the store and/or wasting produce we don’t need! Its a win win all around!

There are a lot of great apps out there to track your daily food but I stuck with a simple meal plan!!! That’s what works for me!

3) Fit Bit

2014-10-07 18.28.19

It didn’t take long for me to realize that healthy eating and regular exercise just made for a healthier family all around. My husband bought me a fitbit for Mother’s Day and it was months before that little band was taken off, with the exception of a quick overnight charge! Not only did the fitbit help me realize how much activity I had during the day, it also helped me guage my weight, and sleep! There is just something about that sense of accomplishment when you feel the buzzer go off when you’ve hit your daily goal!

In talking to Andrea she mentioned the MisFit program they offer their customers. These MisFit bands sync with their app which helps members earn up to $240 a year simply by hitting daily fitness goals! How cool is that – you get paid to WALK!

I hope you can see from the above that staying on track with your health and fitness goals doesn’t have to be complicated. It may take some upfront planning, some time, and a commitment that today is the day, but with a little support and the right tools, you have the opportunity to be the happiest and healthiest YOU!

2014-09-05 05.51.36

If you would like to join my next challenge group or if you just have questions in general about getting started or jumping back in wherever it is that you left off, please fill out the application below and tell me a little bit more about you!