Its the start that stops most people

Anyone else ever feel like summer time is like a double edged sword???

same 24 hours a day.JPG

You want to “look your best” as you begin to shed the winter layers and pull out the shorts and tanks and dresses and swim suits and such — but at the same time the weddings and vacations and travels and picnics and birthday parties and graduations and cookouts make that a bit more difficult. 

Sometimes too “hard” that even STARTING something new during the summer just doesn’t seem WORTH it.

Some people will simply throw their hands up in the air and say forget it. 

Some people will take in excuse after excuse for reasons why they CAN’T make it work and vow to make it work “later.

2016-07-21 07.34.06

Then other people will look at the challenges and MAKE a plan and make it WORK because deep down inside they KNOW it matters, its worth it, and the time will come!

2016-07-22 07.25.26

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s to find balance in all the things you love and practice moderation-never-deprivation and to find COMFORT in myself and confidence to be the best mom I can be! 

I signed up for the 21-Day Fix Extreme TV test group to start on July 4th. I can’t say that I really WANTED to do it at the time – but I had a busy month ahead, full of a lot of fun in the sun, travels, family visiting, etc… and truth be told I was afraid if I didn’t sign up for it – I would totally let myself fall off track. I began the challenge on July 4th with the mindset to CONTROL THE CONTROLLABLE.

Throughout the 21-days of the challenge I enjoyed:

July 2016 21DFX results

My daughter’s 5th birthday, 2 other birthday parties, one week of family visiting, a baseball game, family reunion, my best friend’s wedding (out of town I may add!), and typical Summer “STUFF”.

Was I perfect?

Oh heck no!

Did I enjoy the cake and cookies?

Oh heck yes!

BUT >>> I never missed my workout OR my shakeology in those 21 days.

This challenge was about enjoying myself without losing myself.

And I am happy to say – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

21 DFX results July 2016

If I can lend any piece of advice to you – its to LIVE LIFE HAPPILY.

Treat your body the way it was designed to be treated.
Stay active, have fun, fuel up with clean, nutrient dense foods at least 80% of the time and more importantly don’t let a “diet” run your life.

Make it your LIFESTYLE and you’ll never feel trapped.

Here’s to enjoying the final month of SUMMER with confidence and cookies!!!

If you are looking to make a change and would like some help getting there let me be your LIGHT.

Summer Kickoff July 18th Event cover

I run accountability groups every month to help other people get started on their journeys and find the balance I once longed for and now achieved.

Fill out the application below if you’re interested in learning more about what I offer!

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