How the Shift Shop Meal Plan works

I couldn’t be more EXCITED to officially kick off my Shift Shop LAUNCH PARTY tomorrow!!!

dont talk shift SHIFT SHOP

New programs are ALWAYS exciting – and bring new light into my home fitness world and what I can do for others but after participating in the OFFICIAL COACH TEST GROUP this spring and seeing first hand the POSSIBILITIES of this program I have learned we all have so much MORE potential that lies deep within us and when you MAKE THE SHIFT incredible things can happen.

And now – I get to instill that potential and BELIEF into others!

You dont' have to be great to start

The workouts are amazing and the motivation provided by Chris Downing, the trainer paving the way is unparalleled but honestly – the FUEL we put into our bodies is what DRIVES the results you can see!


How does it work???


WEEK 1 Get rid of the foods that are holding you back and start with a better balance of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats with carbs being at the forefront, mostly from fruits and veggies with a few starches (yams and potatoes) and legumes (beans and peas) thrown in.

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes.PNG

WEEK 2 As your body adapts and the workouts increase in length, it’s time to accelerate your results and cut back on the starchy carbs while increasing proteins, veggies, and healthy fats.


WEEK 3 Here is where everything comes together. You are working out at your peak while eating your cleanest. Starchy carbs are eliminated to make way for your best results—and although it’s a challenging week—you can help ward off your cravings with Shakeology, the superfood supplement shake designed to support your nutrition goals without sacrificing results.

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I am starting fresh with my challengers along with my husband and here is our game plan for week 1:


Shift Shop Meal Plan week of July 24 Maegan with logo and website.jpg


Shift Shop Meal Plan Kyle week of July 24 with logo and email.jpg

I know the possibilities and I know each and every one of the ladies who have committed with me on this journey have the potential to achieve all the goals they set forth to achieve and its my role to help them get there.

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If this looks like a program you may be interested in and you would like to be a part of my next 21 Day Online Health & Fitness Challenge – then fill out the application below.


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