The close of the 80 day Launch Party

In December of last year I opened enrollment for my 80 day launch party.
It was a LAUNCH I was beyond excited to kick off.

80 day obsession mirror braid

Not only was it a new program but it was a new program that was going to SPAN 3 entire months.

Coming from a girl with workout program ADD – I saw this is a huge challenge and ACCEPTED.

80 day obsession one more day

Sure there were days I wanted to quit

I was sore 99.9% of the time from Day 1 through Day 80

But I taught myself that I can do anything I PUT MY MIND TO!

And FINISHING was the only option.

80 day obsession day 80

With a girls weekend getaway to NYC, several holiday celebrations and many birthday party temptations, dining out, kicking off spring (and Baseball season-yay!) – I stayed BALANCED and am happy where I finished.

Note – I said BALANCED.

There is a part of me that does wish I could say that I stuck 100% to the program without fail. But I didn’t.

I enjoyed life’s little pleasures but I also meal prepped like a BAWSE, enjoyed many prepped meals on the go, never missed a day of my superfoods or mommy go-go juice or post workout recover amazingness and I ate the cookies too.
80 day obsession flex with Aubrie

And well, here you have it.
The results are IN:

80 day obsession results front flexed80 day obsession results back80 day obsession results front

I have all the thanks to give to my hubs who was my in home accountability partner and my incredible LAUNCH PARTY GUESTS who linked arms with me as we ventured down this unknown path TOGETHER. I could not have done it without them!!!

80 day obsession she works hard for her arms strong

When it was all said and done I finished 1 pound HEAVIER than when I started (which admittedly, was a little bit of a hard pill to swallow because I worked REALLY hard) but with the exact definition I was looking for to be able to rock MOM-FIDENCE as we head to Mexico for an all inclusive trip I earned through my Lifestyle coaching biz – throughout helping other women get results JUST LIKE THIS!

Its crazy to think about how much has changed in these last four years of being a coach.

Looking back…

It was a simple process:
I completed a home fitness program – I got results – I wanted EVERYONE I knew to FEEL the same way I did…and so I shared.
Over and over again – consistently.

I shared.

And this process has built me a BUSINESS that not only helps me stay in shape, but also lead by example for my family, teach my kids NOW about a healthy BALANCED lifestyle, provides for our family and allows me to help other women DO THE SAME!

Whether you’re just looking for that extra layer of accountability or a way to help OTHERS or maybe part time income to pay down debt or perhaps a brand new CAREER – this could be your FIT!

Fill out the form below to learn how you can not only get into the best shape of YOUR life but also how you can combine that with the most amazing, rewarding business opportunity!

Sneak peek into coaching banner.png

I have an informational group available to share and answer questions: JOIN US ON FACEBOOK!
And you can OFFICIALLY apply below!

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Fab 5 Summer Search

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A teacher?
A doctor?
A mom? 
An accountant?
A lawyer?
A nurse?
An acrobat?

I’ll be honest I didn’t have that ONE thing but I knew that I wanted to be SUCCESSFUL and figured I’d rock a fancy suit on the top floor of some big fancy building in NYC with a corner office!

2017-06-25 21.02.33.jpg

I had a strong work ethic from the days of weekend babysitting as a 12 year old through double jobs in college through landing my big girl career in public accounting.

But then the unthinkable happened:



And guess what?

That office on the top floor was not important anymore.

I wanted TIME at home with my daughter.

And after working away her first two years we made the family choice to become a single family home after the arrival of our little guy.

It was hard.
The adjustment to SAHM life was hard.
I missed my independence
And did I mention being a SAHM was hard?

But then the unthinkable happened again and A NEW DOOR opened.
This new door was going to give me the opportunity to live in the best of both worlds.

Coaching Opportunity picture

To have some independence back but to still be MOM.

This opportunity came at a time that I wasn’t looking and never realized HOW MUCH I needed it.

And while my office -covered in pictures from my little Miss with paint stains on my desk compliments of my kids-is a far cry from that top office in the big Apple….I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

I chose the path others run from because it’s DIFFERENT.

I wa willing to put the work in no matter what iteration thought because I BELIEVED in the business.

And you know what—that same opportunity is there for you too!

Are you that girlI’m launching a very special NEW COACH training this month as I SEARCH FOR MY NEXT FAB 5!

I am taking on 5 EAGER-driven-willing to WORK HARD ladies to start in my July new coach training academy.

Who are the FAB 5?

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They’re 5 fabulous ladies who want to be a part of my One. Fit. Fam.

5 ladies who are ready to commit to these next 3 months with me – and my TEAM and make this SUMMER COUNT!

5 ladies who are ready to join and embrace my new: ME – WE – YOU training program…

You see first you join me! You see how this challenge group stuff works (because helping others is the root of this business) and you follow along with a fitness program and Shakeology so you can not just talk the talk but walk the walk. This is crucial!


In month two we work together. We begin our walk through the business roadmap. I walk you through HOW you get started & through WHAT you need to do.

You’ll complete my New Coach Training program and together we LAUNCH your business! Its a team effort from the start!


As we start our 3rd month together you’ll begin to lead, continue to grow, and take part in the next leadership opportunities offered through our team trainings. I’m still here…like I said – I’m always HERE but at this point you’ll have the confidence and ability to step out and go for it!

***This group is limited to 5 for a reason***

Because I believe that in order to succeed you need the mentorship.

I will not be taking on more than 5 ladies this months so that I can be confident I am giving my best me to those who invest with me!

2017-06-26 20.42.37.png

If you’ve been waiting to do this – thinking about it – doubting your abilities and holding back. I simply ask you to STOP.

Go all in!

What do you have to lose? Its time to CREATE THE LIFE YOU ARE LIVING FOR!!!



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Team Beachbody is Going International

In January 2017, Team Beachbody began dripping hints about its upcoming INTERNATIONAL LAUNCH!

The location(s) have not yet been released but its coming!

***EDITED: Its the UK!!!!****

You can learn more about ME and what is in it for YOU here:

By filling out the form below you’ll be on the list to learn more information around the upcoming launch!


Event photo we're going international with website

There are two sides to the Team Beachbody opportunity.

The customer/consumer. 

The coach. 

As a customer, this opens up the opportunity for our top notch meal replacement, Shakeology, as well as Home Fitness programs such as the life changing, 21-day fix, P90X, Insanity, Core de Force and more to come!

All of my customers have the opportunity to participate in my online Accountability and Support groups, facilitated through our Tracker App and Online Streaming of Beachbody On Demand (BOD). My role as your coach is to help you not just get started – but carry your commitment through to results.

As a COACH  – You are an independent owner/CEO of your own business. Your job is to live out the mission: To help OTHERS achieve THEIR goals to live HEALTHY and more FULFILLING lives.

You earn commission through anything YOUR customers purchase from your site and your have the opportunity to build a team and grow your business.

I offer exclusive New Coach Training  Academy with a “work at your own pace” option as well as group atmosphere and additional trainings as you progress through your business.   I will always match your pace.

If you want to run with this business I will run with you. If you want to walk slowly I’ll walk with you.

The potential is limitless and your income is a direct result of your EFFORT and the number of lives you IMPACT.

Here’s a bit more about coaching on my team.

This opportunity has blessed my life and my family’s life beyond words and it is an incredible feeling knowing we are going to be expanding our impact to even more people around the WORLD!

Be sure to fill out the form below to stay up to date with all of the details!!!

Busy moms build a business

Out of office Cover photo

I can’t believe we are already one day in!

My hubby and I, a few of our besties and 3,000 other coaches are enjoying a trip we of a lifetime aboard the Oasis of the Sea – one of the largest ships to sail the ocean waters and guess what – it was totally FREE!

Yup – earned by helping others reach their goals as well as get started with their own health & fitness businesses.

Pretty darn cool to be part of an organization that rewards its team for well, simply doing what we are here to do!
Its crazy to think and rewind for a bit…

2 years ago I was a BRAND new coach and I watched other leaders in the  company head off on the Success Club cruise in awe thinking – I can do this too!!!

I want to do this!

Let’s do this!!!

It was the thought – to be able to earn a vacation for my family – that helped propel me to just give it a try!

To try this entrepreneur – momboss life and see what happened!

And you know what?!?!

The consistency has paid off!

Through helping at least 3 people every single month in 2014 I was able to earn a trip to Cancun last spring and by continuing to do so throughout 2015 – I have now earned this cruise! 

just a mom that turned her excuses into her reasons

There’s a heck of a lot more to this coaching gig than the free trips but my goodness are they an amazing way to celebrate the lives we are able to change each and every day!!!

I will be sharing my adventure on my Business Page Maegan Blinka – Living a Life of Family, Fun and Fitness and on my IG: maeganblinka  

Like Page Cover photo_March 2016

I am no different than you.

I joined a challenge group to help myself. To build my self esteem, confidence, energy levels and be happy again with myself.

And while I lost a few pounds it was what I gained that made the biggest impact in my life!

If  you’d like to learn more information about the coaching opportunity please contact me at: and fill out the application below and I will return your message as soon as possible!

Sometimes the road less traveled leads to the greatest adventures! 

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Behind the Challenge groups and sweaty selfies


2016-01-23 11.19.08

My head is truly spinning and I am sitting here today – after a whirlwind of a weekend – with a grateful heart that I was invited into a life-changing opportunity nearly 2 years ago!

You see 2 years ago I had a really good life.

I was a SAHM to a toddler and a newborn, I had an amazing husband, we lived in a beautiful home and I was HAPPY.

I thought I had it all but then I found that I was missing something in my life. Something bigger. Something powerful. Something that allows ME to empower, inspire, support and something that allowed me to find my PASSION.

Something that took this really good life I had and it made it GREAT!

2016-01-21 08.31.06

I became a Beachbody Coach!

I had success in a challenge group, I wanted to pay it forward to help others and in time – through CONSISTENT hard work, daily dedication and discipline I grew a BUSINESS.

Now I know some people may see my daily sweaty selfies after my 5:00am workout in my basement and don’t quite get it – but I wanted to take this opportunity to share there is so much more to it!

I shared my story, my journey and brought others along for the ride. Something that I began doing out of joy provided me with an outlet to grow a very successful business. And after finishing the year in the top 0.05% of the ENTIRE network – out of 400,000K other coaches – I earned an invitation to the 2016 New Leaders Conference in Los Angeles – and away I went!

2016-01-21 13.01.35

We had the opportunity to tour the Corporate Headquarters and it really helped me realize how much Team Beachbody leads from the front with integrity and class. The culture was amazing not to mention the impressive gym and unlimited shakeo bar offered to its employees! The mission to end the trend of obesity and to help others lead healthy and fulfilling lives starts at the top and I was honored to be able to see it all first hand!

2016-01-21 17.15.11

Now it wasn’t ALLLLLL fun and games… we were there to learn too! To hear from some of the absolute BEST in the company and get tips and ideas and inspiration and really see the potential of this company. I am not a typical note taker but I couldn’t stop writing things down!!! I am so very blessed to come from the 2X #1 Coach in the company Melanie Mitro, and she was right there with us sharing and learning and inspiring us with ideas and in the end – just having FUN!

2016-01-21 16.37.13

In addition to some pretty darn AMAZING training sessions from both top coaches in the network and the corporate team we also had a chance to get a sneak peek into Tony Horton’s upcoming program – 22 Minute HARD CORPS.

2016-01-22 09.52.08

I come from a long line of military in my family and Tony’s heart and passion behind this program and his dedication to he troops is unreal. I love the convenience of my at home workouts and being able to do it all from my basement while my littles sleep but NOTHING can compare to the personal instruction of Tony Horton himself. I don’t think I have ever pushed myself SO hard! I was honored to have this experience and cannot wait to help others get started with their life style changes!!!

With the biggest snowstorm in years my flight back to the east coast got cancelled. And as bummed as I was it ended up being a blessing in disguise!

A few coaches – we didn’t really know each other – got together and we hiked up Runyon Canyon to see the Hollywood sign.

2016-01-23 08.09.20

The views were breathtaking and the networking was priceless.

NLC group pic

The only thing that would have made this trip better is to have had some of my OWN team members there WITH ME!

2016-01-22 17.57.16

This was a one-time invite deal. B

ut I have set a goal. NEXT YEAR – my team will still be represented and I will have at least 4 of my girls in LA to experience the opportunity and to be inspired just like I was. To learn from the top just like I did and to experience the full package deal and grow as LEADERS of their own teams too!

Taking the road less traveled can be scary.

I was a prior audit manager with my CPA license when I began this journey as a coach. I never imagined the possibilities of the business but once I took that LEAP I have never looked back.

Are you ready to JUMP?

NLC jump

I am taking on 3 new members to my team. Runners. Those who want this business. Those who are ready to commit and FLY with me!!

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If you think this opportunity could be for you then fill out my application below and join my LIVE coaching event on Facebook for a little inside scoop to what we really do!



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Fitness & Business Bootcamp~Mompreneur style

Do you have a WHY?

Now hiring mom preneur recruiting post

A WHY – a reason why you do what you do?

WHY you work so hard every day?

WHY you make the daily choices and daily sacrifices?

Do YOU – have a WHY?

I’ll be the first to say – my WHY I life changes as my life changes

When I first signed up to be a Beachbody Coach – my WHY – was because I needed the discount and I needed to save some money money money!!! And becoming a coach gave me a discount on the products I already loved and truly needed in my life to help me overcome my Chrons Disease, have more energy to be with my kids and all around be a happier, healthier person.

Then I realized that I had the power to use the products to help my close friends and family and help them improve their QUALITY of LIFE.

Mission successful!

2016-01-09 13.46.55

In time I began to realize I had something pretty darn POWERFUL at my fingertips. So I just kept sharing. With EVERYONE. EVERYWHERE I could…PASSIONATELY. And in time I created this business – working from home while still holding my title tight as a Stay At Home Mom but I was adding a new title to the mix – I was becoming a MOMpreneur!

I won’t pretend that this is a perfect fit for everyone but in my opinion, it did give me the best of both worlds!!

In less than 2 years I have been able to improve not only my own Health & Fitness – but the overall health of my husband, my parents, my inlaws, my siblings and HUNDREDS – yes literally HUNDREDS of others while simultaneously contributiing financially to our household. It started small at first with the monthly groceries…and soon I was able to cover those and my student loan payments – a few weeks later I added on my car payment and a few months later I added my mortgage as well. Its still a bit mind blowing at times – but it is reality!

The system I have created is duplicatable and while my personal success has been life changing – the coaches on my team are experiencing similar triumphs! I have been able to help other families pay for their monthly groceries – pay off their school loans – pay down and eventually OFF credit card debt  – and bring other moms HOME to be with their babies too!
2015 was our warm up – we are just get started!!!

This opportunity is truly life changing and I want to share it with YOU!

Yes – I had reached my dream come true life as a Stay At Home Mom –

But I needed something MORE and this gives me that something MORE!!!

My WHY is now pure FREEDOM.

Freedom to give freely to others – to help those who are struggling with life’s curve balls and help them find a way out!

To FREEly live the life I used to think was only found in fairy tales and give my children a life of presence with me and our entire family!

 How to build your fitness business from home

I will be taking on 5 new Coaches in my February Coach Training Academy – 5 ladies who want to BUILD a business and join my TRIBE! 

Request HERE to join my 2 hour live event on Tuesday January 26th  – get answers to any and all questions and find out if this opportunity is the right fit for YOU!

 Or simply fill out the application below and we can begin chatting now! 

***Because nothing comes without hard work : Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.***

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Curious about Coaching?

Maegan Blinka, Megan Blinka, Top Beachbody Coach, How to join a top beachbody coaching team, how to join an elite beachbody team, How to become a top beachbody coach, what is a beachbody coach, how do Beachbody Coaches earn an income, How does Beachbody Coaching work, Stay at home job opportunity, Work from home job opportunity, SAHM, WAHM, Former accountant, CPA,You can’t let other people tell you who you are. You have to decide that for yourself! Your actions – your words – YOU – decide where you will end up in life.

Trust me – I was skeptical too. But as I watched other coaches in the network succeed in what seemed to be MY dream job I developed the attitude “why not me”.

I wanted to be a SAHM & I wanted to be fit and active to keep up with our growing kiddos & I wanted to be financially FREE – so WHY NOT take a leap and check out this work from home business opportunity?!?!

And my oh my did it forever change my life…for the good!

I decided to become the girl who decided to JUST GO FOR IT!!!

I decided that I was going to create a life I LOVED.

I get to wake up every day and HELP other people become better versions of themselves while continuously working on myself too…all from the comfort of my HOME.

Have you ever considered becoming a coach???
Are you an “on-the-fencer”???

My team is hosting a live event on WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 30th and I am inviting YOU to check it out – no strings attached!

Learn about the types of coaches, the opportunities and get answers to all your questions!!!

pick your path coach

Who knows – 2016 may just be your best year YET!

If you’re interested in checking things out please fill out and submit the form below and/or email me at for a spot!

***Success isn’t the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you’re doing and you work hard you will be successful***