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Fab 5 Summer Search

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A teacher?
A doctor?
A mom? 
An accountant?
A lawyer?
A nurse?
An acrobat?

I’ll be honest I didn’t have that ONE thing but I knew that I wanted to be SUCCESSFUL and figured I’d rock a fancy suit on the top floor of some big fancy building in NYC with a corner office!

2017-06-25 21.02.33.jpg

I had a strong work ethic from the days of weekend babysitting as a 12 year old through double jobs in college through landing my big girl career in public accounting.

But then the unthinkable happened:



And guess what?

That office on the top floor was not important anymore.

I wanted TIME at home with my daughter.

And after working away her first two years we made the family choice to become a single family home after the arrival of our little guy.

It was hard.
The adjustment to SAHM life was hard.
I missed my independence
And did I mention being a SAHM was hard?

But then the unthinkable happened again and A NEW DOOR opened.
This new door was going to give me the opportunity to live in the best of both worlds.

Coaching Opportunity picture

To have some independence back but to still be MOM.

This opportunity came at a time that I wasn’t looking and never realized HOW MUCH I needed it.

And while my office -covered in pictures from my little Miss with paint stains on my desk compliments of my kids-is a far cry from that top office in the big Apple….I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

I chose the path others run from because it’s DIFFERENT.

I wa willing to put the work in no matter what iteration thought because I BELIEVED in the business.

And you know what—that same opportunity is there for you too!

Are you that girlI’m launching a very special NEW COACH training this month as I SEARCH FOR MY NEXT FAB 5!

I am taking on 5 EAGER-driven-willing to WORK HARD ladies to start in my July new coach training academy.

Who are the FAB 5?

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They’re 5 fabulous ladies who want to be a part of my One. Fit. Fam.

5 ladies who are ready to commit to these next 3 months with me – and my TEAM and make this SUMMER COUNT!

5 ladies who are ready to join and embrace my new: ME – WE – YOU training program…

You see first you join me! You see how this challenge group stuff works (because helping others is the root of this business) and you follow along with a fitness program and Shakeology so you can not just talk the talk but walk the walk. This is crucial!


In month two we work together. We begin our walk through the business roadmap. I walk you through HOW you get started & through WHAT you need to do.

You’ll complete my New Coach Training program and together we LAUNCH your business! Its a team effort from the start!


As we start our 3rd month together you’ll begin to lead, continue to grow, and take part in the next leadership opportunities offered through our team trainings. I’m still here…like I said – I’m always HERE but at this point you’ll have the confidence and ability to step out and go for it!

***This group is limited to 5 for a reason***

Because I believe that in order to succeed you need the mentorship.

I will not be taking on more than 5 ladies this months so that I can be confident I am giving my best me to those who invest with me!

2017-06-26 20.42.37.png

If you’ve been waiting to do this – thinking about it – doubting your abilities and holding back. I simply ask you to STOP.

Go all in!

What do you have to lose? Its time to CREATE THE LIFE YOU ARE LIVING FOR!!!



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