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Behind the Challenge groups and sweaty selfies


2016-01-23 11.19.08

My head is truly spinning and I am sitting here today – after a whirlwind of a weekend – with a grateful heart that I was invited into a life-changing opportunity nearly 2 years ago!

You see 2 years ago I had a really good life.

I was a SAHM to a toddler and a newborn, I had an amazing husband, we lived in a beautiful home and I was HAPPY.

I thought I had it all but then I found that I was missing something in my life. Something bigger. Something powerful. Something that allows ME to empower, inspire, support and something that allowed me to find my PASSION.

Something that took this really good life I had and it made it GREAT!

2016-01-21 08.31.06

I became a Beachbody Coach!

I had success in a challenge group, I wanted to pay it forward to help others and in time – through CONSISTENT hard work, daily dedication and discipline I grew a BUSINESS.

Now I know some people may see my daily sweaty selfies after my 5:00am workout in my basement and don’t quite get it – but I wanted to take this opportunity to share there is so much more to it!

I shared my story, my journey and brought others along for the ride. Something that I began doing out of joy provided me with an outlet to grow a very successful business. And after finishing the year in the top 0.05% of the ENTIRE network – out of 400,000K other coaches – I earned an invitation to the 2016 New Leaders Conference in Los Angeles – and away I went!

2016-01-21 13.01.35

We had the opportunity to tour the Corporate Headquarters and it really helped me realize how much Team Beachbody leads from the front with integrity and class. The culture was amazing not to mention the impressive gym and unlimited shakeo bar offered to its employees! The mission to end the trend of obesity and to help others lead healthy and fulfilling lives starts at the top and I was honored to be able to see it all first hand!

2016-01-21 17.15.11

Now it wasn’t ALLLLLL fun and games… we were there to learn too! To hear from some of the absolute BEST in the company and get tips and ideas and inspiration and really see the potential of this company. I am not a typical note taker but I couldn’t stop writing things down!!! I am so very blessed to come from the 2X #1 Coach in the company Melanie Mitro, and she was right there with us sharing and learning and inspiring us with ideas and in the end – just having FUN!

2016-01-21 16.37.13

In addition to some pretty darn AMAZING training sessions from both top coaches in the network and the corporate team we also had a chance to get a sneak peek into Tony Horton’s upcoming program – 22 Minute HARD CORPS.

2016-01-22 09.52.08

I come from a long line of military in my family and Tony’s heart and passion behind this program and his dedication to he troops is unreal. I love the convenience of my at home workouts and being able to do it all from my basement while my littles sleep but NOTHING can compare to the personal instruction of Tony Horton himself. I don’t think I have ever pushed myself SO hard! I was honored to have this experience and cannot wait to help others get started with their life style changes!!!

With the biggest snowstorm in years my flight back to the east coast got cancelled. And as bummed as I was it ended up being a blessing in disguise!

A few coaches – we didn’t really know each other – got together and we hiked up Runyon Canyon to see the Hollywood sign.

2016-01-23 08.09.20

The views were breathtaking and the networking was priceless.

NLC group pic

The only thing that would have made this trip better is to have had some of my OWN team members there WITH ME!

2016-01-22 17.57.16

This was a one-time invite deal. B

ut I have set a goal. NEXT YEAR – my team will still be represented and I will have at least 4 of my girls in LA to experience the opportunity and to be inspired just like I was. To learn from the top just like I did and to experience the full package deal and grow as LEADERS of their own teams too!

Taking the road less traveled can be scary.

I was a prior audit manager with my CPA license when I began this journey as a coach. I never imagined the possibilities of the business but once I took that LEAP I have never looked back.

Are you ready to JUMP?

NLC jump

I am taking on 3 new members to my team. Runners. Those who want this business. Those who are ready to commit and FLY with me!!

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If you think this opportunity could be for you then fill out my application below and join my LIVE coaching event on Facebook for a little inside scoop to what we really do!



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