Busy moms build a business

Out of office Cover photo

I can’t believe we are already one day in!

My hubby and I, a few of our besties and 3,000 other coaches are enjoying a trip we of a lifetime aboard the Oasis of the Sea – one of the largest ships to sail the ocean waters and guess what – it was totally FREE!

Yup – earned by helping others reach their goals as well as get started with their own health & fitness businesses.

Pretty darn cool to be part of an organization that rewards its team for well, simply doing what we are here to do!
Its crazy to think and rewind for a bit…

2 years ago I was a BRAND new coach and I watched other leaders in the  company head off on the Success Club cruise in awe thinking – I can do this too!!!

I want to do this!

Let’s do this!!!

It was the thought – to be able to earn a vacation for my family – that helped propel me to just give it a try!

To try this entrepreneur – momboss life and see what happened!

And you know what?!?!

The consistency has paid off!

Through helping at least 3 people every single month in 2014 I was able to earn a trip to Cancun last spring and by continuing to do so throughout 2015 – I have now earned this cruise! 

just a mom that turned her excuses into her reasons

There’s a heck of a lot more to this coaching gig than the free trips but my goodness are they an amazing way to celebrate the lives we are able to change each and every day!!!

I will be sharing my adventure on my Business Page Maegan Blinka – Living a Life of Family, Fun and Fitness and on my IG: maeganblinka  

Like Page Cover photo_March 2016

I am no different than you.

I joined a challenge group to help myself. To build my self esteem, confidence, energy levels and be happy again with myself.

And while I lost a few pounds it was what I gained that made the biggest impact in my life!

If  you’d like to learn more information about the coaching opportunity please contact me at: maeganblinka@gmail.com and fill out the application below and I will return your message as soon as possible!

Sometimes the road less traveled leads to the greatest adventures! 

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