PIYO Drench, PIYO Week 8, PIYO Progress, workout at home,

PIYO Progress Week 8

And….I….DID IT!

I successfully completed 8 weeks of PIYO and absolutely loved the change to my workout routine!!!

Week 8 went a little something like this:

PIYO Week 8 Schedule

NOTE: I pushed my rest day to Sunday because that’s what worked best for ME – the joy of making my own workout schedule at home! 

I didn’t introduce anything new on the menu this week – although I did repeat the stuffed peppers from last week and the buffalo chicken quesadillas – always a hit with the entire fam!!!!

Buffalo chicken quesadilla, piyo meal plan, clean eating

Buffalo chicken and spinach quesadilla

And per usual, turkey burgers were on the menu! I added some grilled onions and let me tell you – the additional flavor was amazing!!! A little all natural salsa (courtesy of SAMs club) and you have one heck of a flavorful dinner! And better yet – make them in bulk and you just may get some lunches and/or an additional dinner – BONUS!

turkey burgers, piyo meal plan

And the week wouldn’t be complete without my daily dose of dense nutrition!!! I truly CRAVE this stuff. Despite the fact that I’ve had my shakeology EVERY DAY since February 24th, I still cannot get over the fact that something SO GOOD for you tastes like a dessert! Craziness I say, craziness!!! And yes, I blend it nice and thick so I can eat it with a spoon – I’ll take a little ice cream for breakfast 🙂

chocolate shakeology, shakeology recipes, piyo meal plan

Breakfast of champions!

Now to the burn….Although I truly love the DRENCH workout – I find that 48 minute length difficult to commit! But no worries – I nailed it not only once – but twice!

PIYO Drench, PIYO Week 8, PIYO Progress, workout at home, PIYO Week 8 Day 6

 Of all things, I’d have to say my balance is my greatest improvement. My balance has never been bad but I find myself able to hold poses longer and balance better now that I have completed this program. And I am certainly getting stronger!!!

PIYO BUNS, PIYO Week 8, PIYO Progress


PIYO Week 8, PIYO Progress, PIYO sweatPIYO, PIYO Week 8, PIYO Progress, strength,

I had a great week and when I look back I am able to see how far I’ve come! Excited to get the final results together and see a complete – start to finish!!!

If you’re interested in PiYO you can create a FREE team beachbody account HERE and fill out the form below for a spot in my next accountability group! Its never too late to get started and you can never have too much support along the way!!!

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