PIYO before and after, PIYO results, PIYO flexibility

PIYO Program in Review

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Ok, ok, so if you’ve been following me since week 1 you may be thinking thank goodness this girl is finished with these recaps!!! But hopefully not, hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading through my experience with the new PIYO program and if you think you’re up for the PIYO challenge, I want you give it a try!

I can’t say enough good things about this program. I enjoyed the switch in my regular exercise routine, my knees appreciated the break from all the jumping around that I typically do, and I noticed a significant improvement in my flexibility and coordination.

PIYO before and after, PIYO results, PIYO flexibility

Day 1 vs. Day 60 of PIYO

Some of these moves were tricky for me but I found watching my own videos of my workouts really helped me focus in on what I was doing right and wrong and where I really needed to put forth a little more effort to improve. After all, a lot of these moves were totally new!!! It didn’t happen overnight, but week by week I saw myself improving in different areas and I will happily say although my 8 weeks with PIYO are complete, the workouts will remain tossed into my regular routine!!! They’re different, fun and add a little twist to everyday exercise!!!

PIYO flip progress

PIYO Flip – beginning of the program vs. the end of the 8 weeks

Honestly – when I look back I can’t believe how BAD my coordination was in the beginning!! I remember when I did that first “PIYO FLIP”, if you can even call that top picture a PIYO Flip, and I actually thought I nailed it – WRONG!!!!!

PIYO Kick through, PIYO Progress
Learning how to move in the PIYO Kick through!!

The PIYO Kick through was another one…for weeks I had no idea what Chalene was telling me to do! My hand/feet match ups were off…but I still kept going. I pushed myself. I’d pause the DVD, rewind, watch it again just trying to understand what I was to do. And no joke – it pretty much took me up until the end but I think I finally got it 🙂 However I can’t quite say that I ever really nailed the PiYO cross…guess you can’t win them all right?!

Another important thing I learned from this program is how important your alignment is. Holding each pose  correctly makes such a difference! You have to squeeze that booty, squeeze those abs and hold it until you’re shaking and you can’t shake any more!!!

Side plank, PIYO progress

Learning how to improve my alignment – side plank

I’ve heard some people express concern that they didn’t feel like they were getting a “good workout” in with PIYO and all I can say – is trust the program!!! Like so many things in life – you will get out what you put in. So don’t just go through the motions. Focus. Commit yourself to that DVD for 20 minutes or 30 minutes or all 48 minutes of DRENCH, and be present in the moment and hold each pose as cued, squeeze each muscle and squeeze them hard. When Chalene says to squat, get as low as you can and squeeze every muscle as you stand back up. When you lunge – go back as far as you can and focus as you raise and lower back down. And I promise if you do this you’ll be shaking through that elbow plank and feeling that muscle burn and seeing the results soon after!!! 

Now, I didn’t have a crazy physical transformation – but I didn’t expect one. I was at MY goal weight when I started so I wasn’t trying to lose but rather maintain my weight while gaining strength and flexibility. And I’m happy to say I reached my goals!!! My weight dropped .2 pounds and I lost 4 inches, primarily around my hips and waist, with small decreases in my arms. I was able to increase the number of push ups I can do on my toes from 20 before PIYO to 32 at the end and my goal is to continue working on my push ups and reach 50 by the end of the year!!!

Never Give Up.

PIYO beginning to end, PIYO Program results, PIYO complete

PIYO beginning to end

 If you are interested in this program or any other workout program and would like to get 1:1 coaching and support along with motivation and accountability, please fill out my challenge and accountability application below! I will share tips and recipes and I will help you with the one thing I always found so difficult – MEAL PLANNING!  Remember – your health and fitness success is 80% nutrition. You can get all the results and support you need right in your own home – and you don’t have to do it alone!

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