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How to prepare for 21-Day Fix Extreme

The wait is over but the excitement is still building!

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I received my 21 Day Fix Extreme DVD package last week…and as you can see I received A LOT of STUFF!!! I went over what’s included last week but I wanted to share how I am preparing for this new program and the steps I go through when preparing for any program!

What to do to prepare for the 21-Day Fix Extreme:

READ! Not to sound like a school teacher, but seriously, read the entire packet. Everything that is in here is put here to help you SUCCEED and reach your health and fitness goals! You bought this program for a reason right?! Maximize it!!! You’ll see information about the “dreaded” before and after pictures, (just take them – trust me!!!) the workout schedule to follow, the nutrition guide, sample meal plans, great recipes to try, the equipment you will need, etc… The last thing you want to do is jump right into this and find out you don’t have something you need! You’re making an investment in your health treat it like one!

Make a meal plan! 

2015-02-08 06.24.08

Sure its Sunday, its my last rest day before my 21 Day Fix Extreme journey begins but I am still up bright and early so I can plan for my week! Nutrition is KEY! It plays such a bigger role than some think! Having a plan will help you stick to your goals, ensure you are getting all the proper nutrition, eating to fuel your body and therefore getting the most out of your workouts! Abs are made in the kitchen…and I’m looking for abs in this program, so I know my nutrition has to be spot on!!!!

I start by reading the book, figuring out the calorie bracket I fall into, then I make my meal plan and my grocery list! You’ll also see that I include my workout on the plan. This image also gets saved to my phone so I always know what I am to be eating and when!!!

Here’s my plan for week 1:

21 Day Fix Extreme sample meal plan, Maegan Blinka, 21 Day Fix meal plan,

While a 21-Day fix meal plan may not necessarily be fit for the Extreme, the Extreme meal plan would be interchangeable for someone who is just starting out on the original 21-Day Fix.

You’ll see from above, I repeat a LOT of my foods! Having leftovers for lunch is a great way to minimize prep time! I also like to double up on a dinner or two (like Monday and Wednesday’s plan!) I’m trying a few new things out like the Veggie Egg cups, Cashew and Oat Pancakes and the Turkey Chili – all recipes found in the nutrition guide! The biggest change for me coming off the 21-Day Fix meal plan is reducing my yogurt. I used to eat Greek yogurt every day!!! But in the book, Autumn includes her favorites and what she personally eats and yogurt is not on the list! While I am not looking to totally duplicate her competition plan at this time, I am trying to maximize my results while planning for something I know I can sustain without feeling deprived. I’ve greatly reduced it and I am really focusing on keeping the week Gluten Free to reduce bloating I often feel when eating gluten! This is not something required but something I am personally doing to see how I feel!!!

And while planning is the harder part of the battle, make sure you make time to grocery shop, and prep all your food! I like to prep for as much of the week as possible but at a bare minimum you should clean and portion out your fruits, cut up your veggies and have at least the next day or two of meals/snacks all ready!

“A Sunday Well Spent Brings a Week of Content”


Makes sure you have the proper equipment: Just like the original 21-Day Fix, you will still need two sets of weights – a light and a heavy set but you will also need a resistance band.

2015-02-04 06.28.58

When I first started the 21-Day Fix I used either no weights or 3lbs for my “light” and then 3 or 5lbs for my heavy. Then I increased to 5 lbs and 8 lbs. I have dabbled in the workouts this week and while 8s are still a challenge I am going to grab some 10 pounders so that when the time to increase is there – I’m ready!!! The resistance band that is included in the Ultimate Upgrade DVD package is pink, 15 pound band. I have the red one from T25 and it worked great for Pilates. Just make sure you have a band you can use!!!

Make sure the DVDs work! So I know this sounds a bit off but trust me on this one. Sometimes DVDs skip. Often? Not really! I personally have nearly every workout program Beachbody sells and I have never had it happen to me. However, I know of others who have gotten up, dressed and all psyched up to push play and get their sweat on only to find out the DVD doesn’t work or it skips for some reason. So take a few minutes and make sure they all work.

Set Goals – You can set a scale goal, # of inches lost goal, new pair of jeans goal or anything you want, but make sure you know what you’re working twoards, otherwise you won’t know if you’re on track to reach that goal and you may not feel like you have something concrete to work for!

2015-02-08 07.24.00

I don’t necessarily have a number in mind, but what I do want is more defined abs. I have been working out regularly for almost a year now. I am still in the best shape of my life but I continue to struggle with my snacks, primarily finishing my kiddos foods!!! I don’t know what it is but I just struggle leaving those last few goldfish on the plate! So while my main meals are typically on point its my snacking. So my goal is to STOP finishing their meals and realizing it is okay to leave that last bite of oatmeal or those remaining crackers! By following this goal, I know the abs will follow – I just have to stick to my plan! I know…sounds easier than its going to be!!!

Take your GOODBYE pictures and measurements – Before pics, Goodbye pics, whatever you want to call them – just take them!!! You want to make sure you have good lighting, wear minimal clothing (sports bra and shorts or a swimsuit is great) take multiple poses and SAVE them! Coming from the person who never took before pictures when starting my first program and who deleted the next set, just take them! You’ll be thankful you have them!!! If you have a timer on your phone you can even take them yourself so you don’t have to enlist someone else to do it for you!  Its easiest to have someone else do the measurements but again, if you have to do them yourself, that’s okay too, just make sure you have them. There will be days when the scale doesn’t move but having these other benchmarks to turn to will help reassure you, progress is happening – consistency is key!!!!

Last but not least, BELIEVE! Believe in yourself, believe you can do it, believe that even if you have a bad day you can jump right back in where you left off. And make sure you share your goals with your family and friends – support is key!!! You can do anything you put your mind to, but first you have to BELIEVE!

Tomorrow beings my first 21-Day Fix Extreme accountability group! There’s still time to join. Fill out the application below if you’re ready!

There’s power in numbers!!!

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