FIXATE Coming soon and FIX Promotions – oh my!

I am so excited to share that the  21-day Fix and The 21-day Fix Extreme challenge packs – both available in the KICKSTART – with the 3-day refresh – are once again on promotion this month in light of Autumn Calabrese’s cookbook, FIXATE, which will be released July 14th and only available in your account!
I know all too well how it can be to open up that 21 day fix challenge pack, take a look at the containers and the nutrition guide and think NOW WHAT?!
I have been following the “fix” nutrition guide for the better part of the last year but it still gets a bit tricky when trying to put together a soup or a recipe with more than just a few simple ingredients or tweak and “clean” up an old favorite but that doesn’t mean its not or can’t be FIX APPROVED 💙💛💜💚❤️
Autumn has  responded to the requests and will be releasing her new cookbook – FIXATE – this July – available through your account or at Summit in Nashville.
If you haven’t purchased this program yet and you’ve been thinking about now is the TIME!!! I’m going to sweeten the deal just a bit…
If you’re one of the first ***FIVE*** people to commit to my July 20th PICK YOUR FIX Accountability group and take advantage of one of the challenge pack promotions mentioned above – I’ll actually BUY the cookbook for YOU when I am in Nashville!
👌New workout program, new cookbook, a month’s worth of meal replacements shakes, along with support, and daily tips/motivation/accountability….this truly is a PACKAGE DEAL!
Fill out the application below to claim your spot or for  more details!!!

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