Transformation Thursday – 21 Day Fix Success Story

There are a lot of reasons WHY I coach but one thing that plays HEAVY in that decision and goal board is being able to share in the successes of my challengers and those who have made a decision to INVEST in themselves!!!

Em Vigil results

Em has completed 2 rounds of the 21-day fix and well, as you can see, she has received some pretty amazing results!!!


“My first round my focus was on weight and the scale something I pretty much have always had a struggle with. However this round my focus was on inches and trying not to obsess over the scale. I cannot even begin to express how important it is to forget the scale and look at all those NSVs!! It is so much healthier to look at those at least for me. I have lost a total of 12lbs and my victory 8.5 inches!!!! I plan to keep going and I can’t wait to figure out what my new goals will be as I continue on this journey to a healthy happier ME. Thank you ladies for keeping me accountable and making this journey a reality instead of just a dream that would drag me down.”

Its not just about the transformation you can see but rather that transformation you cBusy moms find balance ad with 3 day refreshan FEEL on the inside! Being able to share in these transformations fills my cup!!!

The secret is in the combo deal! If you practice a few basic principles over 4 weeks with the support and accountability of our online group you will see results WHILE developing a new healthier, more BALANCED life that you can maintain long after our time together is over!!!

If you are ready for a clean break from bad habits then join my Busy Moms Finding BALANCE support group! You can utilize the 3-day refresh to kick those bad habits and jump in full force or simply start with your workout program but know that you have a tribe of women supporting you every step of the way!!!

There’s power in numbers!!!

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