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Hammer and Chisel RESULTS

Its easy to focus on the scale but I will be the first to say if that was my main focus I would have quit a long time ago.
2016-01-27 06.38.56
I looked it a few different ways.
I challenged my body.
2016-01-26 06.01.36
I tried new things.
I failed forward.
And we celebrated the small successes along the way!
2016-01-29 06.05.26
Yes, I’ll be up front and share that GAINED 3 pounds on this program. Did I want to gain 3 pounds? Nope, not exactly. But let’s be real here…muscle is dense my friends! When you build muscle and cut the fat that number may be a bit higher!! Besides – my hubby is enjoying the 3 pound gain and solid booty and it is my role to keep him happy right?!
After some reinforcement from my hubby – I did learn to switch my focus to the other gains.
I gained stregnth, endurance, balance, discipline and 60 early morning dates with my hubby.
Hammer and Chisel 60 Day results
I have flaws. I have room for improvement but my goodness this body carried and delivered two beautiful babies.
My nutrition was far from perfect (I am such a cookie monster!!!) and I know I let my travels and other things set me back but hey – progress is progress right!!!
I am healthy and I just completed a 60 day RIGOROUS training program. I am proud!
These other gains, my friends, far outweigh the scale increase any day!
Besides, having a program to complete TOGETHER with my husband was so much fun and a huge key to my success (yes, I am calling my 3 pound weight gain a success).
2016-01-20 03.17.11
Not only did I have my incredible hubby cheering me on daily but my challengers kept me in tune and in CHECK! I know I couldn’t have done it with out them all!!!
But the fitness journey has no end destination!
Its full Cruise*Countdown mode in our house as we prepare for a journey to the Caribbean on a trip we earned through Beachbody – We are not stopping here!
My Fit4February -LOVE yourself challenge group is now open and accepting applicants. We will kick off – TOGETHER – on February 14th!
Fill out the application below to join us!

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