Sneak Peek into the first week of 22 MC

Yup, 2 days in and I can honestly tell you – this program = total game changer.

2016-03-02 14.45.42

For starters…I actually did the recommended FIT TEST. I have done a LOT of programs but NEVER a fit test. But here’s why…I want to be able to say – I CRUSHED MY GOALS!

I think part of it is mental. The thought of only having 22 minutes makes me push harder, jump higher and really test my own limits…as I know it will all be over 22 minutes later.

The moves are basic…yet challenging.

You can do them but you’ll be feeling it tomorrow. That I can promise you!

But again…its ONLY 22 Minutes. Seriously – YOU can do this! Heck…my 4.5 year old can do it!

The calendar alternates between cardio and resistance with bonus 10 minute ab add ons throughout the week.

Week 1 looks a little something like this:

22 minute hard corps week 1 schedule

I like the change and feel the variety will be awesome!

I love that I have been able to access everything through Beachbody On Demand – the BOD – that has allowed me to stream my workouts almost immediately after purchasing the program upon its release – but I’ll be honest…I cannot wait to get the sandbag. Then it will really feel bootcamp style!!!

I went through the nutrition guideline (with lots of fun new recipes to try) and I fall into PLAN A.

My WEEK 1 Meal plan is set and per usual Maegan Blinka style – you’ll see a lot of repeats!

22 Minute Hard Corps meal plan week 1

Our weeks are busy and our evenings are short. The last thing I want to be doing is cooking and cleaning each night.

So we do a lot of prep in advance and duplicate meals as often as it makes sense!

That’s what works for our family and luckily I have a hubby who just likes to eat…and its okay if its the same thing for lunch as we had for dinner!

22 Minute HC Week 1 Day 2.JPG

Yes, I realize I am only 2 days in…but this program is a little different. The change I needed to get back in the game and one I cannot wait to finish!

My first Spring Training Bootcamp is now open for applications and I invite you to join us!

Just some ladies, working on this whole healthy living thing and trying to be the best we can be!

2016-02-28 07.01.53

There’s POWER in numbers but YOU only have control of ONE. 

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