How to bounce back after vacation

Yup…it happened.

2016-06-04 11.34.39

Yes me, the Beachbody Coach, leading online accountability groups, providing tips and advice to others about how to find the balance through the summer to have your cake and eat it too…yup –  I totally fell off the wagon!

Expo picture

Somewhere in my little brain I actually did think I could do it. I thought I could balance it all and still somewhat stay the course.

However between a weekend trip to Mexico followed by my hubby heading out of town, at the same time I was participating at the Pittsburgh Fitness Expo for the weekend which led right up to packing up my family and driving to the OBX for a week long vacation capped out with a Pirate game date night – I fell down…but here’s the kicker – I’m getting right back up…and it starts TODAY!

2016-06-04 08.18.28.png

Let’s rewind a bit…How did it happen?

First off I’M HUMAN! 

Sure I planned, I even took my BOD (Beachbody on Demand) with me through my travels and did pretty darn good with my workouts but truth be told – my nutrition goal of 80/20 has been more in lines of 60/40…and that’s being generous.

2016-06-03 09.36.02.jpg

I fell victim to the “I worked so hard and I deserve the break” belief…

I went with the “one beer/bite/splurge” won’t hurt me approach – which is totally accurate – however I didn’t really stick with one…

I hurt my toe and allowed that to fuel some extra rest days – which are okay – but not when the nutrition suffers along side too!

So – now what?

Its time to BOUNCE BACK! And here’s what my plan of attack looks like:

  1. I made a meal plan for the week21 day fix meal plan with refresh June 6th updated

    This is sometimes the most daunting thing to do…and yes it takes time but I truly believe that this is the KEY to a successful week. Failing to plan is just the same as planning to fail. Take some time, set up your meals and know that its okay if you have to be flexible as the week goes on – but having a plan to go from will make things a lot less stressful and more successful!!!

  2. I grocery shopped2016-05-20 14.39.43.png

    I typically grab my produce from either SAMs or COSTCO (or the local farmers market when we are around on the weekend!!!) or I swing by Aldi. Because my husband and I both eat pretty clean and follow the 21-day fix portion container system – we go through A LOT of fruits and veggies. Buying in bulk saves us time and money!!!

  3. I have set aside time later today (Sunday) to for our meal prep and asked the hubby to help me so we can conquer it together and set both of us up for success. 

  4. I am kicking off the week with a 3-day REFRESH! Maegan Blinka, Megan Blinka, 3 Day refresh results, How to kick the post vacation bloat, 22 Minute Hard Corps week 1, Example 22 Minute Hard Corps Meal plan, Example 22 Minute Hard Corps Meal plan with 3 day refresh, Can you do the 3 day refresh and 22 Minute Hard Corps, Bikini Bootcamp, Virtual Bikini Bootcamp, Summer slimdown Challenge, How to lose 5 pounds in 3 days, How to drop weight for a big event,No this isn’t my first time nor my last nor do I find it as a quick fix. The 3 Day Refresh for me – is my KICKSTART! My swift kick in the booty to say: “hey – knock off those bad habits, break the sugar cycle, get rid of the junk you’ve put in your body these last few weeks, and FEEL better” I tend to BLOAT like a mad woman when I eat gluten (which is why I generally avoid it – especially beer – but lately its been a super common staple to my diet. I feel it in the way my clothes fit and I see it on the number on the scale.
  5. I am downing lemon water like its my JOB! lemon tip

    This is actually a habit I tend to get into when doing the 3-Day Refresh because its actually part of the nutrition guide…but then somewhere I along the lines I run out  of lemons or just get lazy and slowly let the habit slip. But there’s so many benefits to drinking warm lemon water at the start of your day and with the extra sodium I’ve taken in over the last few weeks – I needed this to help pull some of that extra water out!

  6. I am going to continue to remind myself – again – I AM HUMAN!

    Summer is a time for outdoor BBQs, grilling season, family get togethers, weddings and more! I focus on progress and balance – not PERFECTION! But that’s WHY I love the 21-day fix program. It allows you to find BALANCE. To live out a healthy lifestyle and then when the time comes splurge – but just once – and then jump back on track.

I’ve been through this before. I know how my body responds to exercise and proper nutrition and I know I can get there…but I do better with SUPPORT.

covered in sweat or clothes

If you are reading this thinking “man I can totally relate” and you would like to join me on this journey and could benefit from surrounding yourself with other like minded people who want to have their cake and eat it too – then JOIN ME in my Summer Slimdown – PICK YOUR FIX.

I will be hosting a small accountability group starting JUNE 20th – but I will only be accepting 10 participants.

July 20th pick your fix cover photo

Its okay if you’re going to be on vacation or out of town for a weekend or hosting a get together.

Trust me – we’re stronger together – and together we can accomplish anything!!!

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