Country Heat Preview: Down & Dirty

Want to get an inside look at the Autumn Calabrese’s new home fitness program – COUNTRY HEAT – coming soon???

TODAY ONLY you can preview one of the Country Heat workouts ON DEMAND.

I took advantage of this opportunity bright and early this morning and rocked a little DOWN & DIRTY. Here’s an inside look!

My initial thoughts:

  • The music was AMAZING! Hit Country songs you’re familiar with and can dance to!
  • Even as someone with two left feet – I made it work! I had fun, broke a killer sweat and got my workout out in all at the same time!!!
  • I could really feel my heart rate increasing and the burn in my legs!!!
  • I truly think ANYONE at ANY age and ANY fitness level can do this program!
  • You bring the intensity at the level you can endure!

Want to learn more? Read on…

Country heat have fun when you work out

I will be hosting an exclusive Country Heat Launch Party beginning August 1st for a small group of individuals who are interested in completing this program WITH ME!

What to expect if you get the Country Heat program & join my Launch Party…

  • 6 workouts, 3 DVDs, ranging 27-30 minutes along iwth a 30 day calendar to help guide you to maximize your results 
  • 7 color-coded portion controlled containers to help you portion out your food 
  • Country Heat Nutrition Plan which is an easy to follow guide that has recipes & tips designed to help you find the RIGHT foods in the RIGHT portions – for YOU! 
  • 30 Days of Shakeology 
  • Access to Country Heat On Demand (aka netflix for workout programs) which means unlimited access to stream Country Heat, among other Beachbody Workout programs to your desktop, laptop, tablet, TV or phone. You will be able to start your workouts as soon as you make your purchase and access all the additional program information! 
  • MY SUPPORT – with me as your coach I will help you not only get started but stay committed to reach your goals. I will help you stay accountable, provide you with recipes and meal plan ideas, share tips and most of all be your mentor from start to finish! You will be among other women with similar goals and we will work TOGETHER to make sure no one is left behind and we all FINISH the program!

Country Heat Event cover

Still have questions: CHECK OUT THE FAQs HERE

Ready to DANCE?

Country heat having fun

Fill out the application below for one of the exclusive spots!! Don’t wait…this group will fill up fast!! 

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