Searching for my Fab 5

Its October –

Its my BIRTHDAY MONTH (yes, no matter how old I get I will always be pumped to celebrate!)

Fall is in full swing


I’m launching a very special training this month as I  SEARCH FOR MY FAB 5!


Who are the FAB 5?

They’re 5 fabulous ladies who want to be a part of my One. Fit. Fam.

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5 ladies who are ready to commit to these final 3 months of 2016 with me – and my TEAM.

5 ladies who are ready to join and embrace my new: ME – WE – YOU training program…


You see first you join me! You see how this challenge group stuff works (because helping others is the root of this business) and you follow along with a fitness program and Shakeology so you can not just talk the talk but walk the walk. This is crucial!

Call me bias but I believe my personal success as a challenger propelled me into my business success as a coach!  Don’t worry…we talk more about this in our mentor program!

my 21 day fix results.jpg

March 2014 – My first Transformation with Beachbody programs



In month two we work together. We begin our walk through the business roadmap. I walk you through HOW you get started & through WHAT you need to do.

I share EXACTLY what I did to get me to where I am and we talk through every step! This is a new thing – its a business – and in order to learn you’re going to have to ask questions and together…we work through them!!!

You’ll complete my New Coach Training program and together we LAUNCH your business! You are not alone! In fact, you’re never alone in this business. Its a team effort from the start!




Once you complete the first 2 months – Its time to put everything you’ve learned into action.

As we start our 3rd month together you’ll begin to lead, continue to grow, and take part in the next leadership opportunities offered through our team trainings. I’m still here…like I said – I’m always HERE but at this point you’ll have the confidence and ability to step out and go for it!

I believe 3 consistent months through this mentorship program will provide you with the skills you need to get up and RUNNING and head into 2017 full force!

This group is limited to 5 for a reason. 

August photo session fitness 4.jpg

Because I believe that in order to succeed you need the mentorship.

I will not be taking on more than 5 ladies this months so that I can be confident I am giving my best me to those who invest with me!

If you’ve been waiting to do this – thinking about it – doubting your abilities and holding back. I simply ask you to STOP.

Go all in!

What do you have to lose?

Please fill out the application below to be considered for one of the five spots that I have open.

We start October 10th!

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