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My imperfectly perfect results from round 1 in the SHOP

Today I am 21 days stronger – mentally & physically – and I found a FOCUS within me that I didn’t know was possible. Shift Shop Round 1 results selfie with text & website.jpg

Being a part of the first Shift Shop test group was such a privilege but I’ll be honest, being surrounded by some pretty amazing people with some jaw dropping, awe-inspiring 21 day transformations left me feeling a little bit like “just another before and after” comparison in the mix.

My results were nothing stellar – 4.7 pounds and 4.25 inches – but as the self-doubt crept in I realized that it was perhaps my GAINS were where I needed to put my focus. Afterall – this was ONLY 21 days.

2017-05-24 06.14.35-1

Be a Pineapple Stand Tall Wear a crown Be sweet on the inside

I am a mom – not a fitness expert.
My goal to be healthy, strong and a positive role model for my kids.

And you know what – I am healthier, stronger and my kids seem to like the mommy who isn’t asking for an afternoon movie rest time these days…SO I CONSIDER IT A WIN.

me and kids sunday morning.jpg

I found a way to celebrate, to rid stress, and to ENJOY company – without needing a crutch…a crutch of food. That so often comes with all those situations.

2017-05-22 13.31.03

I wasn’t perfect throughout these 21 days but my goodness I tried REALLY hard to stick to the meal plan

  • I enjoyed my son’s birthday cake. But just a slice – at the party – and not the ENTIRE week that followed. And for me – that was a win.
  • And I only had ONE cookie during all of his birthday celebrations. That one cookie was delicious but stopping at 1 is pretty much unheard of for me!
  • I tasted the (leftover birthday) cookie a few weeks later that my daughter said didn’t taste right. With a bite. Then a second to be sure – which for the record it was just fine – but then I tossed it. That was a win.
  • I got diligent with my meal prep and planning and wasted (next to) NOTHING during these 21 days and only dined out 2x. Saving money – more time at home – THAT is a win for me.

Shift Shop testgroup week 2 traveling

But perhaps my greatest GAIN was the strength to STOP FINISHING the leftovers on the kids plates. I mean WHYYYYY does that lingering bite of mac & cheese feel the need to jump in my mouth?!?! You know what…IT DOESN’T! It doesn’t need to and if I can stop the impulse snacks for 21 days those actions clearly don’t need to be part of the norm.

Round 1 Shift Shop results selfie with logo

And while the number “losses” weren’t HUGE I found success in my other Non Scale Victories (NSVs):

  • My wedding rings are more loose/comfortable – which I attribute to elimination of common inflammatory foods (i.e. that darn GLUTEN!)
  • Overall my CLOTHES fit better – not a drop in “size” but the muffin top and chubby pinchers that hung over my shorts and jeans is gone
  • I am more AWARE of the foods I choose to fuel my body and how different foods impact me differently
  • I pushed myself PHYSICALLY harder than any other program. Some of the workouts were LONG – LONGER than my typical 30 but I found a way to push past the mental block and continue beyond my normal to achieve my results.
  • Above all else I am simply MORE confident in my skin and you cannot put a number or a price on that!!!

My challengers would often praise my WILLpower I was demonstrating at the different events and travels we enjoyed these past three weeks but I realized it was the WHYpower that pulled me through.

Because nothing tastes as good – as being fit & healthy feels.

2017-05-25 19.00.57

Don’t all late night snacks include leftover grilled chicken?!!?!

And I will continually strive to find the balance and changes that make me – ME!

The first 21 days have built the habits, these next 21 will challenge me & THE LAST 21 will EMPOWER CHANGES!!!

Round 1 shift shop results front posed with website

21 days of focused nutrition and consistent workouts

Shift Shop Round 1 results back with website

21 days of BELIEVING that YES I CAN and YES I WILL

Shift Shop Round 1 results side with website

21 days of knowing that what I am doing today will ripple into all areas of my life in the future

But again, this isn’t a 21 day “thing”. 
This is a LIFESTYLE for me. 

I’m continuing on and I am looking for those who want to walk beside me in this journey of LIFE.

Whether you’re looking for to prep NOW for the public release in July – OR – whether you’re just ready to GET STARTED yourself I can help! I am launching two new challenges this month and am taking applicants for EARLY ENROLLMENT!

Perfection not necessary. 
WHYpower required. 

Fill out the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.



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