The Pivotal Day 21

They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit

80 day obsession week 3 pic 3

And as we closed in on that magic number in my 80 day Launch Party I think its safe to say we are seeing those HABITS strongly forming!

The general consensus from my launch party guests at this 3 week mark included:

  • Stronger
  • More confident
  • More energized
  • Leaner
  • and all around HAPPIER

Jen Edgerton Results week 3Becca Bennett results week 3

We finally got the hang of this Timed Nutrition meal plan and we’re having FUN with it.

80 day obsession week 3

The most common question/objection I hear from others who are watching and not YET doing is that they just can’t imagine working out for more than 30 minutes.
And I get that.
I understand change is hard.
But sometimes you have to EMBRACE THE CHANGE and if you want something you’ve never had then you have to do something you’ve never done.

Change is hard at first shift shop week 1.jpgAmongst dinner’s out and birthday parties and traveling on the weekends we’ve managed to keep our nutrition in check but its not by chance. It all comes down to PLANNING and keeping our goals in check and WHYpower at the forefront of what we’re doing and WHY!

Each week we have taken the time to PLAN out all our meals and as we approach the final week in phase 1, its no different.

Here’s what we have in the works for this week:

80 day obsession week 3 meal plan maegan 280 day obsession week 3 meal plan kyle 180 day obsession week 3 meal plan kyle 280 day obsession week 3 meal plan maegan 1

I cannot wait to round out phase 1 with this final week of workouts.

I finally stepped on the scale yesterday and while there has only been a small HALF POUND change in three weeks I am feeling so much stronger mentally and physically and THAT MATTERS. We have been increasing our weights and double looping the bands and I can feel the change and I am beginning to SEE those seemingly small changes COMPOUND.

80 day obsession week 3 results.jpeg

I am SO EXCITED to open enrollment in ROUND 2 and I cannot wait to help YOU get started!

Nutrition + Fitness + Support = RESULTS

TOGETHER we are STRONGER and this is my open invitation to YOU to come join us!

Fill out the form below & Join my Launch party group and let’s get STARTED! 

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