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Its time to make the SHIFT

Its Day 0.

Official before photos 5 7 17.jpg

And tomorrow launches DAY 1 of my first ever TEST GROUP and an incredible opportunity to make a SHIFT in myself and challenge myself to new possibilities!

I am honored to start this next chapter in my health and fitness journey and I am EXCITED to share more with my friends, followers and my team as I embark in this BRAND new program – available to the public later this year!

Shift Shop test group

The key to success is no doubt in the nutrition and I am pumped to share my WEEK 1 SHIFT SHOP meal plan!

Shift Shop week 1 meal plan pic with name and website

I’ll also be incorporating the energize and recover from the Beachbody Performance line as I want to be sure I am getting OPTIMAL results!

In all honesty, I’ve been riding the struggle bus for longer than I would like to admit and I am in dire NEED to snap out of it, break that sugar cycle and get back to feeling like ME – and I know this is my ticket!

Although I am a coach, I need accountability just as much as everyone else! And I am counting on my challengers and fellow test group participants to hold me to it – to help me along – to share ideas and to STAY ON TRACK!

Click here to learn more about  THE SHIFT SHOP and how you can be a part of my LAUNCH party in July when it is released or simply fill out the form below!!!

Until then you can follow me as I share as much as I can about this program, my progress, my feedback and my RESULTS as I complete 2 back to back rounds of this program!

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