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Team Beachbody is Expanding to the UK


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There’s been talk and chatter and many requests and many more prayers answered – Team Beachbody is going International and its first stop: The United Kingdom!!!
Team Beachbody is kicking off its international expansion into the UK market in Autumn 2017!

Not only is this a HUGE opportunity for current Beachbody Coaches but its an opportunity to HELP more people not only achieve their health and fitness goals but to truly impact the future of our friends and family through the business opportunity.

As of October 19th – Coaches from the US and Canada (current coaches) will be able to share this life changing opportunity with customers and coaches residing in the UK.

Similarly, UK Coaches will be able to recruit Coaches and Customers from the US and Canada into their organizations.

What Exactly Does This Mean?

​There are two sides to Team Beachbody you can take advantage of – there’s the Customers & there are Coaches.

As a COACH  – You are an independent owner/CEO of your own business. Your job is to live out the mission: To help OTHERS achieve THEIR goals to live HEALTHY and more FULFILLING lives.

You earn commission through anything YOUR customers purchase from your site and your have the opportunity to build a team and grow your business.

I offer exclusive New Coach Training  Academy with a “work at your own pace” option as well as group atmosphere and additional trainings as you progress through your business.   I am here to mentor you and will always match your pace.

If you want to run with this business I will run with you. If you want to walk slowly I’ll walk with you.

The potential is limitless and your income is a direct result of your EFFORT and the number of lives you IMPACT.

As a customer, this opens up the opportunity for our top notch meal replacement, Shakeology, as well as  top notch trainers like SHAUN T, and the amazing home fitness programs such as the life changing, 21-day fix, P90X, InsanityCore de Force and more to come!

All of my customers have the opportunity to participate in my online Accountability and Support groups, facilitated through our Tracker App and Online Streaming of Beachbody On Demand (BOD). My role as your coach is to help you not just get started – but carry your commitment through to results.
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The only thing you need is wifi, passion for health and fitness and helping others and a drive to succeed!!!

As a team, we will connect regularly via webinars and online training. I have a system in place to set you up for success – you just need the willingness and desire to learn!

My life has been so greatly impacted and it is my duty and privilege to be able to offer and share this opportunity with others with the intent that you too will share in the same excitement and success!

Please complete the form below for additional information and request to join my UK Launch Facebook Group to stay up to date on all the information about the upcoming expansion!

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