Shift Shop week 1 in review

And so it begins!

2017-05-08 06.05.30.png

We are one week into our exclusive coach test group and as someone who got into this business as a CHALLENGER turned COACH 3 years ago…

It feels pretty darn good to back to the basics – back to where it came from and truly just be a CHALLENGER again.

I learning right there alongside every one else…

I’ve dusted off my portion fix nutrition containers and I have been on POINT with my meals and while its no secret – this is truly the KEY to your RESULTS!!!

Within a few days I already noticed my wedding rings more loose without the foods that typically cause inflammation in my body and while there were (admittedly) a few days where this mama was HANGRY by 8pm – that has subsided and the nutrition outlined in the program is exactly what I need to stay energized and fueled for my day!

Here’s a typical day during week 1 and you can find my full meal plan HERE.

2017-05-08 18.52.33.jpg

I did decide to add back the post workout RECOVER to my daily routine.

This was one thing that helped me survive Hammer & Chisel when it was first released and while I typically avoid dairy and this has whey protein – I am finding this super helpful to reduce muscle soreness!

My husband has been following along right there with me and we are enjoying the challenge TOGETHER. Especially on those mornings where 1 or both of us struggle to jump out of bed!

2017-05-10 06.05.38

First week thoughts:

  • We are sore but loving the changes we are seeing
  • There is the unknown which is exciting and challenging
  • This program, just like any new routine, takes DISCIPLINE
  • This program, just like any change in your lifestyle, takes preparation

But the RESULTS are beyond worth it!

What can you expect with this program:

Week 1 included alternating days of 25 minute Cardio and Strength training workouts with 2 core burn sessions…and burn they did!!!

Wrapping up with a rest day Sunday.

Shift shop Day 5.jpg

Here’s the outline and plan for week 2:

Shift Shop meal plan week 2 updated

While I am limited on the details I can share at this point in the test group I am excited to share that I will be kicking off my own LAUNCH PARTY accountability group upon the program’s official release July 2017!

If you would like to stay up to date on launch details and/or if you want to get on the list now to join me this summer – fill out the application below!!!

2 thoughts on “Shift Shop week 1 in review

  1. Jesica Lookhart says:

    I need to be a part of this so that I can stay accountable and see others transformations and success as well

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