The collision of a passion and career

“Surround yourself with those who lift you higher” Sounds easy enough right?! Deidra Erin Maegan working with computers_summitWhere I am today…is not where I ever imagined I’d be…

👉I graduated from college in the top of my class with a degree in Finance and Accounting. 

👉I spent 6 years in public accounting – where the majority of my life was spent WORKING – missing out on events, missing my friends and family and watching my little girl grow up through the pictures I received.

👉2 years ago I left my career to be home and raise my babies to “never work again” and I really did believe that statement!!!

🙌Then I joined an online accountability group to help lose just 3 post-baby pounds but I had no idea what I would gain…

I found a common ground with these girls. We were supporting one another, working towards our own health and fitness goals and shortly after all working to pay it forward and help others realize their true potential too!

I didn’t have a vision at first. I never imagined I could create a BUSINESS working from home, while continuously working to become the best version of myself, helping my family become healthier, traveling, working towards financial FREEDOM and building incredible friendships!!!
I would not be living such a fulfilling life today if I hadn’t taken the leap to become a Beachbody Coach 15 months ago!

While it was the accountability that got me started, it was the friendships, support and being lifted up higher that keeps me going!!!

I feel so blessed to have this opportunity and taking the road less traveled to achieve success I didn’t think I was capable of! 

If you want success, are passionate about fitness and helping others and want to take a leap and FLY – Fill out this form—->


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