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An amputee’s journey to CONFIDENCE

I first connected with Cheryl in December 2014.

A then random connection on social media – turned into a challenger in my challenge groups – turned into one of the most INSPIRATIONAL women I’ve ever met.

Cheryl has had an incredible journey and I am honored to share it today…

In November 2012 her right arm was amputated and miraculously saved and replanted. She has no bicep, 1/2 a tricep and limited use of her hand. She had lost 60 pounds and then started having surgeries again and gained 40 back.

She is someone who enjoys exercise but needed help to get going again. That’s where I came in!!!

She knew she couldn’t always do all the moves of all the programs but she was willing to get STARTED – TRY – and use the nutrition program and daily Shakeology to fuel her body.

She had struggled with emotional eating but found exercise fills that need and she began to THRIVE…

2016-07-29-09-03-33Here’s a bit from Cheryl in her own words:

“I’m Cheryl and have been participating in Maegan’s challenge groups for over a year. She asked me to share how participating in the groups have impacted my life.

First off, I was embarrassed about how I looked and where I let myself get to. That’s what was the catalyst for me reaching out to Maegan.

So I joined a challenge group and started drinking shakeology. I swallowed my pride and become vulnerable to the process she introduced me to and when I did I was received without judgement and got support ….. REAL support!

Daily atta girls when I checked in and posted. When I stumbled I received input on how to accept my slip and make it better next time…… tools for my continued success. I realized TOGETHER we are strong!

That’s why I still participate a year later; it’s the support and knowing I’m not alone. Knowing there’s somebody in the group who has been there, is there or will be there. By participating I get help but I give help by openly sharing my journey .

I’ve come a LONG way and still have a ways to go so I still habitually post my accountability sweaty selfie and check in about how my day went because the process WORKS!

Results, transformation, shakeology results, accountability groups, do support groups work, online support groups, Maegan Blinka, Megan Blinka, 70 pound weight loss, weight loss results
74 pounds later I can say I’m proof!

I’m off the insulin, the blood pressure meds, the anxiety and depression meds….I’m HEALTHY, HAPPY and have met some amazing, supportive women who have my back….. all I had to do was get over myself and honestly give the process a chance.


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These stories are what FUEL my passion as a Health and Fitness Coach and what have propelled my business to where it is today.

The stories shared – the lives changed – the confidence gained – and passions shared…its POWERFUL and leaves an impact and footprint on all those who come across!

If you’re ready to make a change or to help others CHANGE their lives…fill out the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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