30 Day Elimination Plan halfway point

Good morning Day 15:

Elimination plan day 15.jpg

We have officially kicked off week 3 off our 30 day Elimination plan and while YES it is at the beginning of a Holiday week here (hello Thanksgiving) and YES I will enjoy a few fall favorites – NO – I don’t feel like I’m “cheating” or “splurging” – I’m simply living a life in BALANCE and that feeling my friends is INCREDIBLE.

THAT is what this plan is about for me!

Soooo – how could eating pumpkin cookies and some southern dressing (that’s like stuffing to us northern peeps) on Thanksgiving day be IN LINE with my 30 day elimination plan?

Because this plan is made up of a set of rules – That I SET – based on things I have noticed and how they IMPACT ME!

This plan is not about deprivation or cutting carbs or eating high fat or following a trend…

Elimination plan 2 week results

This plan is about LISTENING to how my BODY reacts to different foods. In the last two weeks I have lost 3 pounds. But you know what – that doesn’t hold a THING to what I’ve gained.

  • -Strength to understand when I am eating for fuel vs. eating for boredom
  • -The sense to prioritize SLEEP and to give myself some GRACE #ImHumanToo
  • -The realization that I do not need sugar to enjoy life #15daysnoCookies #ThatsARecord #IfIWantOneIWillHaveOne
  • Turkey Chili and Taco Tuesday are just as good without the cheese or tortilla chips
  • The courage to try new things, journal how they go, and course correct as needed
  • Understanding sometimes you have to EAT MORE to get MORE RESULTS

And I couldn’t have done it without the help of my FitFam ❤

Week 3 Elimination plan call.jpg

These ladies aren’t just a group of fellow coaches. We are LEANING in to each other and asking for ideas and sharing tips and cheering one another on and picking one another up and this ATMOSPHERE is one that would allow anyone – who wants to – to THRIVE!
If you don’t have this sort of support network and you’re struggling to get into a HEALTHY balanced routine, then please REACH OUT! I am here to help!

We are traveling to visit family on Thanksgiving day and will enjoy some gatherings and I will no doubt be out of my routine.

But while there are things I cannot control – there are things I CAN control.
I’ve already prepackaged my vegan superfoods – combined with digestive health boost (c’mon my traveling friends, you know this is needed) and the power greens boost, because well not much of Thanksgiving dinner screams GREEN. But I want to make sure I am still getting my nutrition in…PROBLEM SOLVED.

shakeology boosts travel.jpg

I will choose the foods I LOVE and let the others be.
I may enjoy a sweet treat, if I’m feeling it.
Perhaps I’ll sip a glass of wine.
Time will tell

But I will tell you I will not feel like I am stuck on a DIET, I will choose and do what’s best for me and I couldn’t task for a better sense of satisfaction in my own skin.

I mentioned last week I was starting Intermittent Fasting and after 7 straight days of it I am happy to say I DIG THIS STYLE!

When I first heard of the idea of “fasting” for a portion of the day and not immediately eating post-workout I got a little nervous. I didn’t THINK it would be in the cards for me but honestly when I broke it down it ended up making my mornings EASIER.

Typical morning:

  • I would wake up,
  • Drink my energize,
  • Workout,
  • Get showered and ready,
  • And amongst getting the two minions up, fed, dressed, ready for school and out the door I would shovel something in or sip my shake during the crazy.

Now – I just get all that done and when I come HOME I make my shake and enjoy my breakfast.

Here are some of the fabulous meals I enjoyed last week!

Elimination plan meals
I’ve been generally fasting for 16 hours with an 8 hour eating “window”

Here’s an example of what my day looks like:

  • Sleep 10:30 – 5:30
  • 5:30 Wake up, down energize, workout @ 6
  • 9:30-10:30 Break – the – Fast
  • 12:30ish – Lunch
  • 2:30ish – Snack
  • 5:30 – 6:30 Dinner

There are two main things I’ve noticed:

  1. I am no longer sneaking a bite of the pancake or soggy cereal that the kids leave behind – nor their fruits and veggies that I would normally think of as “freebies” – #IamNotAGarbageCan #LessonLearned
  2. I am not mindlessly snacking late into the evening

Those two little things are going a LONG way!!!

I shared this video with my team about what I was doing and why:

Here’s the game plan for the week as I kick off with some holiday unknowns and wiggle room.

Elimination plan week 3.png

I know during this time of year it can be EASY to throw your hands up in the air and just say “I’ll start in January” – but I encourage you…if this spoke to you, if you’re thinking maybe you should try something new or challenge yourself then I invite you to join my Mission Maintain: Holiday Survival accountability group.

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From November 27th – December 24th we’ll be sharing tips and ideas and motivation & meal plans & cleaned up cocktails & healthy twists on old favorites because the “holiday season” doesn’t have to mean you put your skinny jeans in the back of your closet!

You can join us here!

Or fill out the application below to learn more!

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