Post Halloween Candy Detox

Where there’s a will there’s a way!!!

Post halloween Candy detox cover

I got a SEVERAL messages from my past clients who were asking about my annual post-Halloween detox-so here you have it friends!!!

If you’re already anticipating getting caught in the sugar addiction/downward spiral that comes post Halloween —I invite YOU to come join our team’s 3 Day Refresh Kickoff group next week (you choose your 3 days, November 5-9)

The group is for my girls who want to lose 3-8 lbs by following a 3 day plant based gentle detox  (And no no, it’s not one of THOSE detox things 💩)

-Yes you can do this while at work.

-No you won’t spend all day in the bathroom.

-Yes you actually EAT FOODS

-No you won’t be starving OR drinking only liquids

-Yes you can expect to kick the boost, drop a few lbs, and of course feel FRESH come day 3!

3 Day refresh results 4 pics

If you are interested in the deets, fill out the application below!

I will provide you with a sample meal plan for the detox, provide you with a source of accountability so you won’t be in this alone, and help you make sure you don’t just lose weight and gain it right back but follow a lifestyle that’s going to allow you to MAINTAIN your results!!!

Deadline to register is HALLOWEEN 🎃👻

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