Don’t be Average Virtual Accountability group

Who actually STARTS something new with their health and/or nutrition at a time when its nothing but holidays and parties and egg nog and cocktails and such???

22 Minute hard corps high five

Those who don’t want to be AVERAGE.
FACT: The AVERAGE American WILL GAIN 7-10 pounds from this Wednesday, HALLOWEEN DAY through New Years Eve, let me say that again:
average american will gain holidays.PNG
Its a PROVEN statistic.
Because they get caught in the downward spiral of the sugar and lack of routine and they don’t have the tools to get out of the spiral….so they just WAIT and vow to “start back fresh in January” –
Can I be frank here:
WHY THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING? This is your LIFE – your HEALTH – your future and your family! Don’t wait. 
So yes, I want to help those of you who don’t want to BE AVERAGE.
I want to help those of you who actually WANT accountability through the holidays, who WANT to stay surrounded with other uplifting women who support your goals!
Yes I will still bake cookies and enjoy the raw dough & I will enjoy Thanksgiving favorites with my family and great times with friends…
I will continue exercising regularly…
I will give my body superfoods EVERY DAY to help my immune system survive the winter and fill the voids most foods leave behind…
I will eat mostly clean foods
And I will END the year STRONGER than I started because my HEALTH matters and well, this is the only BODY I get.
If you want to link arms with me through this BUSY, crazy holiday season let’s CHAT!
I cannot wait to see who will step out from the average circle and do this WITH ME!

What are the requirements?  

  1. I must be YOUR coach. If you are not currently working with a TeamBeachbody coach you can create a free account by clicking here.  Create Free Account
  2. Complete the Challenge group application below so I can help you select the best program fit for you and make sure this challenge will help you meet your goals.
  3. Commit to a workout program of you choice and Replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology. Why Shakeology??  It simple:  it’s amazing and it is going to make you FEEL better as far as daily energy, it will complete your daily nutrition, it is one meal you don’t have to think about, and its quick, convenient, and honestly while you may be thinking “the taste though” it truly is delicious! But here’s the kicker – if for some crazy reason you’re not convinced – you can actually return the bag – FOR A FULL REFUND! I leaned into that GUARANTEE when I started and if you’re sitting on a pile of doubts I encourage you to too!
  4. Commit to our CHALLENGE GROUP – to staying accountable not to JOINING but to FINISHING. TOGETHER. I don’t want you do just make a purchase – I want you to make a LIFESTYLE change and FEEL the impact of your positive daily actions!

I am well aware this group will be an INVESTMENT for you.

But I have learned over time when you put in nothing you get out nothing. BUT when you INVEST in yourself the RESULTS are beyond WORTH IT.
You’re worth it.


Fill out the form below to apply!!!

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