RE-New & Re-Focus & RE-Commit

How are your 2017 GOALS coming along?
Do you need a RE-start?
A RE-fresh?
A RE-commitment?
Renew years renew your resolutions.jpg
I wish I could tell you I was CRUSHING it – but truth me told – LIFE.HAS.HAPPENED.
And I am sure you’ve had your own share of LIFE’S events – but here’s the deal:
You have a choice: let it knock you down and stay there…
Let it knock you down and then PICK YOURSELF UP!
If you are choosing the later – then I invite YOU to JOIN ME!!
Our accountability group will start February 20th and run 4 weeks.
We will hold one another accountable!
I will teach you what I have LEARNED works for me and my challengers in terms of nutrition, fitness programs and top TIPS to stay engaged and MOTIVATED to create HEALTHY HABITS that are LONG LASTING!!!
If you’re ready to rock this challenge WITH me – please do the following:
1. Make sure I am your assigned coach by creating a free account @
2. Complete the application below so that I can contact you with the details!
3. BE COMMITTED to BOTH the fitness program & shakeology for the duration of the group.
4. Invite and share with a friend or two or three and have them JOIN US! Trust me when I say – that TOGETHER…We are stronger!
NOTE: If you are already a coach or working with another coach outside of my team, please contact them directly for their upcoming opportunities.
This group is exclusively for my current and new customers only!
Excited to get to know you -help you – mentor you – and CRUSH goals WITH YOU!!!

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