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Sweating for the wedding

I will never forget that ding on my phone and the moment I opened up my messages to see this picture from one of my challengers – Shannon.

Shannon and I had connected just a few months ago as she was just started to exercise and looking for support.

Shannon was a busy mama of two working on her Masters of Social work and hooked on daily fast food! Breakfast may or may not happen because, well, “she just didn’t have the time”

— how many of you can relate to that?!

Yoga retreat fast food isn't junk food.png

She was thinking that support of an accountability group may help her start making some healthier changes – not just for herself but her family too!

And with an upcoming WEDDING – she was ready to kiss that mom belly and muffin top GOODBYE!!!

Here’s what Shannon had to share: 

“I joined my first challenge group in October 2016. I have always struggled with being consistent when it came to working out and knew something was missing. I’m a busy mom, social worker, student, fiancé, and soldier .. just to name a few. I’m sure many of you can relate to being and busy which leaves little time for yourself. The challenge groups have really pushed me to be accountable and offered a great support system. Even after a bad day or bad week the fellow group members were always there to offer words of encouragement and inspiration!

I stared the groups to help gain some consistency, but gained much more! I have so much more confidence in myself and my ability to take control of my health and fitness.

Below is a picture taken in May 2016 (left) and a few weekends ago at my bridal shower (right).



I’m not prefect, but I continue to get back up and try again, after all it’s a journey!”


I think its safe to say she’s going to walk down that AISLE with confidence!!!
motivation is what keeps you going.jpg

It takes courage to share what Shannon did and I am proud to call her my friend and excited to see her rock that WEDDING dress in just a few weeks!

If you’re ready to take your own GOODBYE pictures and start the journey towards living a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle then fill out the application below to be considered for a spot in my next accountability group!


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