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What is SHAUN T Week?

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I am so EXCITED to announce that Shaun T is coming back and YOU have the opportunity to be among the FIRST to try these BRAND NEW workouts as they launch on Beachbody On Demand on June 12th 2017.

Shaun week is 1 week of fitness but it goes beyond the sweat and the scale.
This program is about changing your life and transforming your mind and body.

It is about getting motivated to get connected to your fitness, to your mental journey and to continuing on with your progress and reaching your health and fitness goals and I am excited to offer a support group as we all dive into this program TOGETHER.

What is Shaun Week?
• Shaun Week is a 7-day intensive full body boot camp developed by Shaun T to motivate you to focus like you’ve never focused before. And dig deeper than you ever thought possible.
• 7 workouts that are Insanity and Focus T25-inspired, incorporating cardio, intense strength conditioning, abs/core, and lots and lots of sweat.

How long are the workouts? 
• 25-40 minutes

Who’s it for?
• These workouts are great for all fitness levels and each one includes a modifier to follow.

What to expect? 
• I have created a closed FACEBOOK GROUP for all my customers to join so we can start and COMPLETE Shaun T week – TOGETHER. Not only will this group provide a source of accountability for you but it will be a resource for meal planning tips/ideas and truly share the power of surrounding yourself with like minded individuals! Plus there will be some fun prizes for those who complete & participate in the program!!!

How do you join? 

• First you need to make me your coach and enroll in Beachbody On Demand through me as your coach.

What are the WORKOUTS:

Insane Basics:  Go Slow, form over speed, work through it.

Pure Cardio Part 2:  It is going to be amazing!  You don’t go to the floor at all.

Insane Weights:  This workout is hitting the weights in an Insanity format.

25 Abs:  25 minutes of abs that is so ridiculously amazing that you will need to pray before do it! #ShaunsWords

BrickSanity:  Asylum strength and T25 mixture and a lot of insane craziness!

Speed 4.0:  Speed workout similar to what you did in T25 Speed 1.0 and 2.0 and 3.0 but taken to a new level

Dig Deep is how you end the week with a bang! Think: Friday Fight from Max:30.

So it won’t stop at the end of 7 days.  There is a lot more in store for you after those 7 days!

What’s Your Next Steps?

This program is going to be AMAZING! Does this sound like something you want to do?!  Let’s ROCK!

  1.  Complete the application below
  2. I must be your assigned coach through Team Beachbody and I can give you the directions for how to do that in the application process.
  3. You must commit to daily participation for the entire week.

If you would like to join me in Shaun T Week fill out the application below and I will walk you through the process of getting involved.

One thought on “What is SHAUN T Week?

  1. says:

    Hey Maeg- I want to do a Shaun T week too!

    Can you tell me how to get the links for the account with my name to include in my posts?


    “For no word from God will ever fail.” Luke 1:37 NIV


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