Week 2 in the SHOP

1 week down and 2 to go!

Change is hard at first shift shop week 1Today our RAMP UP fitness program is taking us to 35 minute workouts with alternating HIIT and strength training days with a rest/active rest day on Sunday. Let me just be honest. I am RESTING on Sunday!

We were faced with our first “big” temptation of the program last weekend as we traveled to my home town for a family reunion. Our plan of attack: BE PREPARED.

We sliced apples & red peppers, took plenty of water and Shakeology packets for a quick meal on the go! And for those temptations that would later come – a batch of Cookie Dough Energy balls to the rescue.

Shift Shop week 2 cookie dough balls
We enjoyed ourselves – stayed in control and allowed ourselves a small indulgence.

Then we came back and BOUNCED right back on track!

shift shop week 2 meal

Too often people allow their travels and slip ups to totally derail them but you only FAIL if you STOP trying.

Today the 5am alarm went off and we were up and at it!!!

Shift Shop week 2


The SHIFT has us changing up our meal plan this week reducing our starchy carbs and increasing our greens and proteins along with the 10 minute increase in the workout length!

Here’s what our week looks like:

Meal Plan Week of July 31

The ENERGIZE is something I drink DAILY before my workouts and the Recover/Shakeology is a post workout replenish! I prefer the Performance recover but too much dairy causes me belly and skin issues!

I’ve tried to do a few days of an extra Shakeology shaken with water and a few days of Recover but this week I am going to try a half and half combo! It makes such a difference in the way I feel and my sore muscles are telling me to try something new!

I am excited to kick off another round of the SHIFT SHOP!

In just two weeks one of my launch party guests is down 8 pounds and another is down 4!

Another challenger is down 5 in just WEEK 1

Another pulled out a pair of shorts that were “embarrassingly uncomfortable” less than a week ago

And the list goes on and on!!!

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Are you ready to MAKE THE SHIFT?!?!

Apply to join below!

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