Summer Zen challenge

Summer zen event photo.jpg

I am super EXCITED to offer a brand new FREE group this month to my followers and customers!! I’ve been working on it for a while and its officially READY TO SHARE!!!

Because the summer travel hustle is winding down and the Back to School craziness is on the horizon!

I’m thinking a little meditation 101, 30 minutes (or less) yoga sessions and some healthy easy summer recipes to nourish our bodies is in order – what do you think?!

Oh, and yes. It really is free! I’ll hook you up with virtual streaming of the workouts from Beachbody On Demand and you’ll have 14 days to see what this jazz is all about!!!

And who knows…maybe JUST maybe we’ll head into this next phase a little more ZEN-LIKE 

You can email me at or simply REQUEST TO JOIN the private group here – and just send me a message so I know you’re interested and I’ll get you added!


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