The final RAMP UP

It is “EASY” to workout for 30 minutes or 45 minutes or even 60 minutes a day.

The “HARD” part is controlling what you put in your body the other 23 hours.

strength quote.jpg

I was told that in my very first challenge group over 3 years ago and I have never forgot it — and I share this with my challengers often BECAUSE ITS SO TRUE!!!

We are quick to think to ourselves “but I worked out I DESERVE this treat/drink/fried amazingness – but my friends this is where you undo all the hard work you’ve put in!

And with the RAMP UP approach in The Shift Shop – its the nutrition as much as the killer sweat sessions that drive those jaw dropping results!

So what goes down in week 3: 

Shift Shop week 3.jpg

This is where everything comes together. You are working out at your peak while eating your cleanest. Starchy carbs are eliminated to make way for your best results—and although it’s a challenging week—you can help ward off your cravings with Shakeology, the superfood supplement shake designed to support your nutrition goals without sacrificing results.

2017-08-03 08.11.12-6

While I follow Plan A and my hubs follows Plan D – you can see the meal plans are SIMILAR its more the quantity of food that differs!

Shift Shop Meal plan week 3 week of 8_7_17 KyleMaegan Shift Shop meal plan week 3 week of 8_7_17

We’re excited to push ourselves this final week and really feel the full impact of the Ramp up approach IN THE SHOP!

If you’re interested in learning more about this program and/or participating in one of my online accountability groups fill out the application below!



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