Transformation Spotlight:

I am super excited to share this guy’s Transformation Pics.

Not only because he ROCKED it but because he is my HUBBY and we did this TOGETHER!

Kyles Shift Shop transformation .jpg

3 weeks ago this stud and I committed to a 21-day journey together

We pressed play each morning in our basement…

We ate normal foods you would buy at the grocery store…

Shift Shop Meal Plan Kyle week of July 24 with logo and emailShift Shop Meal plan week 3 week of 8_7_17 Kyle

We gave our body a daily dose of dense superfoods nutrition…

We enjoyed an off meal each week…

We helped each other get up and workout on the days we didn’t want to…
sweaty hugs with kyle
& we talked each other out of diving headfirst in to the Dairy Queen drive through (more than once)…

We were not perfect but we stayed COMMITTED and each time we got a little off track we got right back on…we leaned in to each other and our fellow challengers.

I think it’s safe to say the whole “rapid results program” lived up to its name 💃💃💃
The results are IN: 10 flipping pounds GONE…his clothes are fitting WAYYYYY better!!!
me and kyle shift shop
And above all else-he not only let me TAKE the pictures but he is letting me SHARE THEM and if this inspires YOU or maybe you to share with your SPOUSE to GET STARTED now then please join me in celebrating a little#TransformationTuesday action & Let’s CHAT! 

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