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Stripped Clean Eating Challenge

change vs stay the same quote.PNGLet’s pause for a minute…

Think about that.

Do you want to make a change?


Stay the same.

Are you READY-emotionally and physically for that CHANGE?

Change isn’t easy. It can be hard. There can be moments of doubt. But my goodness when you reach that goal it feels pretty darn amazing.

motivation fail quote.png

Let me share for a minute my moment when that desire to change finally outweighed my desire to stay the same…

I was 3 most post-partum with my second child. I was 27 years old, holding on to about 5 or 7 ‘extra’ pounds at that point and down right – EXHAUSTED (what mom of an infant isn’t?!?!)

For the longest time I just thought new moms were supposed to be tired all the time…but then I realized…

It just didn’t seem right.

I was young, a stay at home mom of 2 and I wasn’t overweight. I had all these “things” i wanted to do with my kiddos and around the house and being EXHAUSTED wasn’t really an option. Not anymore!

But I am no fool.

I knew the problem.

i lost my excuses when I found my results

It was my nutrition and lack of ANY type of exercise was the root of the cause…

So I took the plunge and  made the commitment to change all the things that I knew were bringing me down and low and behold…I FOUND MY RESULTS.

Sure, the portion containers were intimidating at first. I had never measured ANYTHING.

I was a bit reluctant to think there was really a program out there that could help you lose “up to 15 pounds in 21 days”.

And don’t get me started on the hesitations to Shakeology – I thought it was crazy expensive and truly expected a chalky milk drink!

But like I said, I was ready to make that commitment. So I pushed the doubts aside and jumped in…all IN and I have never looked back!

My passion, my business and a huge part of my life has become helping other women – and other moms – find what I was looking for 2 years ago.

To find that solution to a problem, to support others in their journey, to guide them and teach them so they too know just how amazing their bodies are designed to feel when treated right!

my 21 day fix results

So let me go back to how I started this post…

Does YOUR desire to change outweigh your desire to stay the same?

If the answer is maybe or I think or perhaps, then I can’t help you right now…

BUT – If the answer is Heck to the YES then read on…

Because I am so excited to announce my first ever STRIPPED Clean Eating Challenge.

Stripped Challenge challenge group ad.jpg

This group will be different from others in that we will be focusing on those specific foods that are holding you back from reaching your own goals!
You will have the option to pick your workout program and I will help you find the one right for you!
And yes – that chalky milk that I was so afraid of in the beginning – you’ll be trying that too! Because, well, in all honesty I couldn’t have been more far off on how amazing that superfood meal replacement shake truly is!!!!
We will go through goal setting and we will start and end our group – TOGETHER!!!
At the the end of our 21 days together  you will also have the option to also do the 3 day refresh to get the best results possible.
And don’t worry – I will be in the trenches with you! I have our annual beach vacation on the horizon and my best friends wedding later this summer! Not only do I want to look my best – but I want to FEEL my best too! I am going to be BUSY!
So if you’ve made it this far I am thinking you just may be at that point too! That point where your desire to change outweighs your desire to stay the same – so let’s do this!!!
If you’re ready to DROP 10 – Fill out the form below to be considered for 1 of my 10 spots.
Drop the final 10 challenge group ad
To sum up – your requirements are:
1. Must not be a customer of another coach
2. Each participant will purchase the challenge pack of their choice & replace one meal a day with Shakeology
3. Must be ready to COMMIT to a change and toss the excuses out the window
This group will fill up fast! I am excited to have you with us on this journey!

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