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Country Heat week 2

Well I’ll put my tail between my legs and be the first to admit I LOVE COUNTRY HEAT!!!!

I am not a big dancer and didn’t think any sort of “cardio dance program” was going to be something I would enjoy – let alone – something that would get me results.

2016-08-04 07.22.49

But I watched, researched, learned and figured…WHY THE HECK NOT!

2016-08-05 07.06.56

I have workout program ADD like no other and always like to switch things up – so why not switch it up with a program created by the one and only Autumn Calabrese and have fun doing it!

People keep asking me: Do you really, like really like it?

2016-08-06 08.38.56

And the answer is one big loud YES!!!

I do!

Like any fitness routine – you’ll get out what you put it! And if you put it in to this workout you’ll be feeling the results…this I promise you!

Plus it doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 25 or 55 you can rock this program!!!

And while the workouts are hitting my legs and core and keeping my heart rate PUMPING I know the results are found in the kitcehn.

2016-08-07 07.37.06

I was so happy to learn that Country Heat follows the same portion container system I implemented into my lifestyle with the 21-Day fix – over 2 years ago!!!  This made the transition so much easier and I was happy to see a few new recipes in the nutrition guide – namely that Turkey & Sweet Potato hash!!! More on that one later!!!

Country Heat meal plan week 2.png

As you can see I keep my meal plans SIMPLE. My breakfast and snacks are pretty much the same every day.

I enjoy my Shakeology as meal #2 without fail and truly look forward to it as the clock strikes 9:00 each day!

2016-08-01 09.20.50

My lunches are typically some sort of combo of the prior night’s leftovers and my dinners are pretty simple!

My hubby and I are celebrating our 7 year anniversary dinner and enjoying a dinner at home straight from the grill and Wednesday evening is busy so I tossed in a crockpot meal.

And this is the same process I go through every week.

Sure the workouts are fun and a great workout but you have to stick to the nutrition plan to truly see your hard work pay off!!!

If you’re interested in joining me for some Country Heat fun fill out the application below for a spot in one of my online accountability groups!

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